How Well Do You Know Bonnie Bennett From TVD?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Bonnie Bennett is one of the most interesting characters of TVD. When the show began, we saw her starting her junior year at Mystic Falls high School. Like every other girl, she was also attracted to the mysterious Stefan Salvatore. She later revealed to Elena Gilbert that she and her grandmother are descendants of the Salem Sorcerers and they are actually witches. When the series first began, we saw her as an optimistic individual, full of fun, good-hearted, sweet, and kind. Other people described her as selfless, compassionate, caring, sympathetic, and warm. She has also proved time and time that she is a caring, loyal, devoted, and loving friend.

How Well Do You Know Bonnie Bennett From TVD?

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She was an optimistic person who always chose to see the positive in everything, but as the series progresses, her character undergoes loss, pain, grief, and tragedy. This resulted in her becoming a serious person. She also became apathetic, withdrawn, and depressive. Despite of all the hardships she endured, despite experiencing the pain and the loss, she remained strong and brave in the face of every adversity.

Many would say that Bonnie’s greatest strength is also her greatest weakness, it is her selflessness and compassion, her blind loyalty and devotion to her friends. She won’t even hesitate sacrificing herself for the greater good. Throughout the series, we have seen her putting herself in the danger, using her powers and abilities to save the innocent. Bonnie is pretty vulnerable emotionally.

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