Movie Dialogues That Won’t Be Approved Today By Censor Board

Hey Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. India has its own movie era, the similar way it does with the emperors. The movies before 90s are considerably sober. The adults today, question many scenes and dialogues of the latest releases.

But today, walking apart from the league and breaking the stereotype of the 90s being the decent movie era, we have some movie dialogues which won’t be approved now!

1. Farishtey

The movie had a cast with older actors trying on a young co-star. Not only this, the film displayed various awkward scenes with creepy dialogues. who would forget the dialogue of Vinod Khanna and his expressions when he makes the milk pun.

2. Sacchha Jhootha (1970)

The movie from the decent era earned a good box office collection. Well, the cheapness is shown when the actor makes the actress eat an onion. You might be thinking why did I call an onion cheap? The logic told behind eating an onion explained in the movie was on a vulgar side.

Crazy right?

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3. Cheekh (1985)

Cheekh was a horror movie that couldn’t gross up a good collection on the box office. Well, good for all at least the cheapness remained unnoticed. The scene that we are talking about showcases a milkman talking vulgar to the owner. The milkman was trying to convince the lady for a se-xual intercourse.

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