5 Amazing References To Supernatural In Popular Shows


The CW

In Season 1 Episode 4 of Walker titled ‘Don’t Fence Me In’, when the son August is going through the old phone of his father. While scrolling through the contacts, a contact named ‘Winchester Auto’ can be seen. This is a reference to Supernatural where the actor Jared Padalecki played the role of Sam Winchester. Another reference is when a character named Stella in an episode compared the job of Cordell Walker (Played by Jared) to ‘Hunting’. Now this cannot be a coincidence as Jared played a hunter in the last show.

An interesting fact is that Dean Winchester always wanted to be a mechanic. So a fan theory says that the Winchester Auto meant that Dean became a mechanic in this alternate universe. The theory further says that Chuck is still alive and he has wrapped the reality. He is still toying with the Winchesters where Sam has become a Walker Texas Ranger and Dean has been placed into a Superhero universe (The Boys).


The CW

The Arrowverse is pretty vast, it has now added the world of Supernatural in its Universe. In an episode, Constantine joined with Charlie and Sara, heads towards British Columbia where he stumbles across Supernatural. Sara comes a tree where she sees a board which is the filming notice for the Supernatural. She reveals that she is a fan and explains that it’s a show about two hot bros who fight demons. She then questions if she could run into the Winchester brothers. Sara also reveals that his favorite Winchester brother is Dean. The legends then run into the replica of the Impala, the baby from Supernatural which has a prop body in its trunk and is painted with sigils. Sara then grabs the bag of weapons from the trunk of Impala. She pulled out a few blades to fight against Charlie’s sister. Another reference to Supernatural is the glowing necklace of Constantine that he has been following, it led him to the next piece of the loom. In the Supernatural world, the amulet of Dean glowed in the presence of God.

The CW


In the comic book series named ‘Spider-Man Vs Deadpool’ Issue 23, the writer Robbie Thompson who has worked on Supernatural in S7 has paid a homage to Supernatural in a comic panel.

In the Batman comic book series ‘Resolve’ Volume 2 Issue 18 which was released in March 2013. Harper Row who is the Bluebird and an ally of Batman, an expert in Electrical Engineering tells her Gay brother Cullen that she has stored some of her favorite episodes of Supernatural in her hard drive.

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