5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Mary Winchester


5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Mary Winchester
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A lot of traits, interests that Sam and Dean possess come from their mother Mary. Dean loves pie and there’s always the right time for Pie. Dean’s overwhelming love for pie has its root in his children which is pretty evident from Season 5 Episode ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. After both the brothers are shot, they end up in heaven. While navigating through the heaven, Dean relives a memory from her children when he comforted Mary and reassured her that John still loves her, and would never leave her. Mary offers him some pie in return. This could explain why Dean has always remained fond of pie, it reminded him of the love of his mother.

Mary always craved a normal life. A desire that would later be inherited by her child Sam who desperately desired a normal life, away from hunting. While despite not wanting to be a hunter, Mary still shared a loving relationship with her father and didn’t oppose him whereas Sam fought with John in order to get out of the hunter’s life.


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Contrary to the popular belief that John & Mary had the perfect marriage before Azazel turned it inside out. It wasn’t a smooth sailing, they both had disagreements at times, and also some big secrets remained hidden. But despite it all, their love for each other remained unchanged. After the passing of Mary, John had romantic relationships with Tara and Kate. While Tara is the hunter who worked with John in dealing with a demon. She was also the one who provided the information about first blade to Dean. John met Kat at a hospital where she worked as a nurse and treated him when he sustained an injury while hunting. John and Kate Milligan had a son named Adam whose existence John kept secret from Sam & Dean. Whereas after Mary returned back to life, she joined the British Men of Letters. During her time in the agency, she developed a romantic relationship with Arthur Ketch, but her heart still belonged to John.


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Before her return, we only saw her through the flashbacks or some guest appearances in the time travel episodes. But we never got to experience her fully. While when Mary returned back from the grave, it was a surprising twist, but as the show went on, her character seemed to have gotten only worse. The fans of the show have openly expressed their frustration with the character of Mary. How she was given another chance to spend time with her children, but she ended up joining the Men of Letters, the rival faction. Many fans felt that she didn’t care much about the boys since her return. She became selfish and distant. But in her defense, she returned to a new world, her kids are adults now who know what’s good for them. She found it hard to adjust to this new life. Do you think the writers did a disservice to the character of Mary? Let us know your views.

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