5 Interesting Facts About Death From The Supernatural


5 Interesting Facts About Death From The Supernatural
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  • When Dean meets Death in Season 5, he talks about how he has forgotten how old actually is. He mentioned how he might be older than God, and one day he will be the one who will end God. Interestingly, Darkness AKA Amara revealed that she is not familiar with death. This is important because Amara predates the universe, she was there since the beginning. So if Death is older than God then how come Amara doesn’t know about him?
  • In the alternate universe, Death was imprisoned by the archangel Michael and his army. They did it in order to enslave the reapers who work under the death. This is interesting because the only weaknesses of death are binding through a ritual, God & Darkness. So how an archangel able to imprison a powerful entity such a death.

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5 Interesting Facts About Death From The Supernatural
The CW

Death demands respect so in his first appearance when a man shoves him, the man can be seen falling to the ground. When Dean meets Death, Death reveals how he has been waiting to meet the Winchester. He conversed and rationally dealt with Dean instead of just eradicating him with a snap of his fingers. It is pretty evident that Death doesn’t get involved in the events of the universe and finds majority of them as uninteresting. What he really cares about is the order of the universe, the natural chain of events. He even shared pizza with Dean Winchester which shows his admiration for the elder Winchester. He also expressed how he doesn’t dislike the Winchesters or see them as enemies, he only dislikes how they tangle with the natural chain of events. Lending his ring to Dean, allowing Dean to become death for a day to understand the importance of the natural order, and also showing up when Dean summoned him. All this shows how much he likes Dean.


The CW

Out of all the four horsemen, death is the most powerful one. Among all the beings, he is one of the most powerful beings. Only God and Amara can equal him in terms of power. We saw him entering the cage of Lucifer to retrieve the soul of Sam Winchester with such ease. He was also willing to help Dean by removing the Mark of Cain which is an immense feat. Being death, he could also resurrect all the deceased with ease, but he avoids doing it to upset the natural order. Death is immortal, there’s only one thing which could eliminate him, it’s his own Scythe which Dean used on him.

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