5 Interesting Things From Season 6 Of Supernatural

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. The sixth season of Supernatural takes place approximately a year after the events of Season 5. After Sam sacrificed himself to take down Lucifer, imprisoning him in the cage. Dean started living a normal life with Lisa and Ben. Things take a surprising turn when Sam shows up out of nowhere. Not only is Sam back, but their maternal grandfather Samuel Campbell who is also a hunter has returned back from the grave. We would learn that Samuel is following the orders of Crowley who promised to resurrect his daughter Mary Winchester in exchange for his hunting services. Castiel who is fighting a civil war against Raphael also aligns himself Crowley who offered him the opportunity to tap into the souls of Purgatory to fight the archangel.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Things From Season 6 Of Supernatural


5 Interesting Things From Season 6 Of Supernatural
The CW

Did you notice one major thing missing in Season 6 is Dean’s leather jacket. The iconic leather jacket which first appeared in Season 1. It belonged to John Winchester which would pass on to his son. While filming the promotional content for Season 6 in September 2010 in Los Angeles which required the wardrobe of the characters to be brought down to LA from Vancouver. Somewhere along the journey, the items would get stolen. It included Dean’s leather jacket and the signature trench coat of Castiel. Although numerous replacements were available for the trench coat. But Dean’s jacket was unique, one of a kind. Although, a new jacket would appear in next season which Dean wore in couple of episodes. But the producers disliked the color of it, as a result it would not make any appearance since then.


5 Interesting Things From Season 6 Of Supernatural
The CW

Due to a rapid increase in the ratings in fourth and fifth season of the show. The Network decided to continue the show and renewed it for a sixth season. As Kripke stepped down, passing the control to Sera Gamble who has been a long time writer of Supernatural. Did you know that the premiere episode of Season 6 titled ‘Exile on Main Street’ is the first episode which aired under the new showrunners. Kripke wished good luck and offered full support to the new showrunner, remaining as a hands-on executive producer. The finale episode of Season 6 titled ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ would also be the final episode to be written by Kripke.

Season 6 would mark the beginning of numerous new things. One being the direction of an episode by a cast member. Jensen Ackles would be the first cast member to direct an episode. Season 6 Fourth Episode ‘Weekend At Bobby’s’ would mark his directorial


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