5 Major Differences Between Comics And TV Lucifer


5 Major Differences Between Comics And TV Lucifer

The personality of Lucifer is also quite different in the comics. While the comic Lucifer also involved himself in the human affairs and valued a few people, but he doesn’t care about anyone other than himself. Whereas the TV Lucifer through his experiences and interactions became a more humane and caring person. He would place the interests of others over himself. The emotional maturity and transformation of Lucifer has been a central theme on the show. He self-actualizes which results in him getting his wings back or getting control of his devil face. Whereas no such theme was present in the comics. Lucifer in the comics is vindictive, he is narcissistic and egotistic, but he does value honor and certain traits. He has an immense respect for his brother Michael.


5 Major Differences Between Comics And TV Lucifer

While the main premise is quite similar in both, Lucifer leaves hell and comes to earth, but the motivation behind his actions is different in comics. In comics, he is tasked with the responsibility of saving all the creation whereas in TV, he is just fed up and needs a vacation. Also, in TV show, when he is absent from the hell, a rebellion starts and the demons start walking the earth and he has to return to warden hell whereas in the comics, God has made the necessary arrangements so the hell can operate even without him. In the comics, after retiring from hell, he arrives in Australia whereas in the TV Series, his first destination is Los Angeles after leaving hell.



The Lucifer in the comics is extremely powerful compared to the Tom Ellis version. The show version is quite inferior as we have seen him being bested by Cain and other people. There are a variety of the powers and abilities of Lucifer that has not been explored in the TV Version. Powers such as altering the reality, Pyrokinesis, Necromancy. Telekinesis were not shown in the TV Version. Lucifer has been displayed quite vulnerable in the TV series, often times acting on impulsive whereas the comics version always remained calm and composed, unattached.

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