5 Mistakes In Supernatural That The Fans Completely Missed


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Supernatural has borrowed elements from real-life incidents, personalities, and literature for its storylines. However, there have been certain occasions when the show In Season 6 Episode 21, in the opening sequences we see the iconic author HP Lovecraft consuming a drink to calm himself down. However, in real life, the writer was a non-drinker, he even talked about the evils of alcoholism through his stories. In Season 2 Episode 9 ‘Croatoan’, the doctor can be seen looking down the microscope and then reveals that the man had a high percentage of lymphocytes which indicates a viral infection. However, what is shown to us on the screen isn’t what actually would look like under a microscope. Also, a high percentage of Lymphocytes could mean chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorder, cancer, and infection which could be viral, bacterial, or another kind. In the episode ‘The Benders’, both Sam and Dean’s record in the police database has the same record ID (DF23094) which isn’t possible as a database software uses a unique ID for every entry.

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Who remembers when Amara AKA God’s Sister called the archangel Lucifer the eldest son of God. Lucifer is not the eldest one, it’s Michael. Sam and Dean have been raised in the hunter’s life, they are well familiar with different sorts of monsters. And even if they are not, they have the resources of John Winchester who could serve as the encyclopedia of Supernatural monsters. In Season 4, the boys run into a Rugaru and they do not know about it, Dean even reacts by saying that it’s a made-up word. However, in a different episode, we see a young Dean Winchester who mentions that his father John was on a Rugaru hunt. In Season 2 Episode 10, Dean said that him and Sam have never visited the Grand Canyon. However, in Season 8 Episode 21, when Sam is exhausted and ill due to the trials, Sam talks about how John took them both to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.


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In the earlier seasons, the boys’ managed their expenses through hustling pool, using fake and duplicate credit cards. Although some things do not make sense such as where would the CC companies send the cards to? Why haven’t they been thought? But even if we believe they somehow managed to master this technique. Other questions that remain are that the boys had no permanent stay up until Season 7. They were continuously staying in cheap motels, but we never saw them carrying any bags or luggage. The trunk of the Impala is filled with hunting-related equipment with no place for luggage. But still we see the Winchesters changing their clothing, wearing suits, and different disguises whenever needed.

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