5 Mistakes In Supernatural That The Fans Completely Missed

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. When you have a show such as Supernatural that has run for as long as it did, it is bound to commit some continuity errors and introduce some inconsistencies in terms of its storylines and characters. For the most part, many of these mistakes and errors have gone unnoticed, but some SPN fans are very observant and they didn’t let these inconsistencies fly over their radar. While the fans have explanations and theories for most of these inconsistencies, there are certain flaws that are simply due to the mistakes that happened on the part of the show’s writers.

So Take A Look At 5 Mistakes In Supernatural That The Fans Completely Missed


The CW

The Winchesters are experts when it comes to identifying and curing a demonic possession. They have their unique techniques, equipment, and methods to deal with demonic possession. Whenever they suspect demonic activity, they look for certain red flags which could confirm their hypothesis. One such evidence of demonic possession is the presence of the chemical compound Sulphur. In numerous episodes, we have seen the Winchesters sniffing a certain yellow colorish powder in scenes that they suspect is Sulphur. However, this is incorrect as the compound sulfur does not have a foul smell as pure sulfur has no smell at all; it is odorless. Pure Sulphur is indeed pale yellow in its appearance, but it is actually tasteless. Actually, it is Hydrogen Sulphide which is a colorless gas it smells like rotten eggs and is known as manure or sewage gas.

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5 Mistakes In Supernatural That The Fans Completely Missed
The CW

We have seen Sam and Dean Winchester pretending to be FBI agents. In the earlier seasons, we have seen them pretending to be firefighters, priests, and whatnot, to investigate the cases. We know pretending to be law enforcement is a crime, but Winchesters have a lot more to worry rather than worrying about their disguises. There are a couple of mistakes with their disguises such as both Sam and Dean are not clean shaven, Sam has hair up to his collar length, and all these cannot be tolerated. Secondly, the crime scenes are meticulously controlled. They log in every visit, the nature of the visit, the credentials of the person, and everything is well documented and recorded. So it seems unrealistic that Winchesters could just walk into a scene with fake badges. They need clearance before they are allowed. Earlier, they had Bobby who could support their covers.


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