5 Shows That Share Interesting Similarities With Supernatural


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural is one of a kind! There probably won’t be any other shows like this one. If you are a fan who has just finished watching all the seasons of the show and is wondering what to do with your life next. If you are looking for some other show to fill the hollow vacant void left behind by the conclusion of Supernatural then you have come to the right place. All these shows are not associated or related to Supernatural in any capacity, but the similarities are intriguing. Now the similarities can range from sharing the similar locations to having similar characters/storylines. But all these shows are unique in their own right and definitely deserve a watch.

So Take A Look At 5 Shows That Share Interesting Similarities With Supernatural


5 Shows That Share Interesting Similarities With Supernatural

Lucifer is closest to Supernatural because both these shows share numerous similarities. The main protagonists in both the shows investigate and solve cases. While Supernatural is concerned with paranormal haunting cases whereas Lucifer follows normal day-to-day life crimes. Both shows features angels and demons, heaven and hell, their lore are pretty similar. Certain characters such as God, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel exist in both the Universes. However, they have contrasting personalities and are portrayed by different actors. Another reason for you to watch Lucifer is due to its amazing soundtrack. Like Supernatural, this show also features plenty of amazing hits that you’ll fall in love with.

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The CW

The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off ‘The Originals’ are also quite similar to Supernatural in many respects. Both TVD & Originals feature a pair of brothers in the titular roles, their complicated relationship, and how they always supported each other. Also, the TVD & its spin-off are set in an Universe where vampires, witches, sirens, ghosts, and werewolves exist. If you enjoyed ‘Supernatural’ creatures the most then these shows are perfectly for you. Both these shows feature brothers who in many aspects are similar to Sam and Dean, and they have to deal with different sorts of Supernatural threats. Sounds much like Supernatural, right? But not really, these shows also have plenty of romance and comedy. So if you are into love stories and drama then Vampire Diaries is the best show for you. If you enjoy politics, slow-burn thriller then Originals is the right show for you. Both these shows aired on the CW Network. Once a crossover was planned between Supernatural & TVD, but unfortunately it couldn’t happen.


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