5 Supernatural Books That The Fans Must Read!

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Seeing the popularity of the series, it’s no surprise that Supernatural has expanded itself and became a franchise. From comics and spin-offs, you’d be surprised to know there are Supernatural novels too. Several novels have been published by Titan Books and Harper Entertainment. The books are connected to the Supernatural Universe and it tries filling up the gaps and providing the information that TV failed or missed out on. The novels explores not only the Supernatural lore in depth, but also places more light on the supporting characters and their lives. There are a total of 23 novels so far that have been published. Lets us know which Supernatural novel is your favorite one.


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This novel features Castiel who informs Sam and Dean Winchester about a chain of killings that have taken place in the Chinatown of San Francisco. When the brothers start investigating the case, they learn about an ancient evil named Heart of the Dragon. John Winchester battled this horrifying evil of unmatched power 20 years back and the famous Campbell Family faced it 20 years before that. Now it’s a redemption opportunity for the boys to fight and defeat the evil which their grandfather and parents failed to beat. The events in the book take place during the Season 5 of the Supernatural series. It takes place after the events of the episode ‘Changing Channels’. This novel features angels and demons. The character Ramiel in the book is the angel Ramiel and not the Prince of Hell Ramiel that we are introduced to in the 12th Season.

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This is definitely among one of the best Supernatural novels. The book focuses on Sam and Dean traveling to the state of Indiana to investigate a killing which is suspected to be the doing of a werewolf. But the boys learn that werewolves aren’t the only predators hunting in the night. The small town houses a group of rabid jackals who are carrion eating scavengers and they are the worshippers of Egyptian God Anubis. The Jackals despise werewolves and are trying to take over the territory from the wolves. Now the brothers along with Garth must stop the turf war before it destroys the entire town. They must also stop the reawakening of Anubis who is behind all of this.


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