5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Didn’t Return To Life After Their Demise

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries is a show set in a Universe where Supernatural creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, Sirens, Witches, walk among the ordinary humans. There are some human characters who discover the presence of the Supernatural beings among them and are caught in the midst of this chaos. When such powerful beings surround you, danger and destruction also follows. So it’s not a surprise that numerous characters on the show met a tragic demise. But what separates The Vampire Diaries from various other shows is there’s always a possibility of returning back to the land of the living. Several main and supporting characters have died and been resurrected more than once. But there are certain characters whose demise was permanent.

Note– The first demise of the character when they transformed into a vampire isn’t counted and considered as a demise for the list.

So Take A Look At 5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Didn’t Return To Life After Their Demise


5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Didn't Return To Life After Their Demise
The CW

Cause of death: Staked by Damon

Further Appearances: Numerous appearances in flashbacks and as a ghost

Lexi Branson is a character that was originally written keeping the musical sensation Taylor Swift in mind. The creators wanted Taylor to make a guest appearance after learning that she is a fan of the show. However, that never happened, but the creators and writers penned the character of Lexi Branson. A compassionate and sweet Vampire who has mentored Stefan Salvatore. She walks into Mystic Falls to attend the birthday of Stefan and celebrate in a a grand epic fashion. However, this caring character met her tragic demise unexpectedly at the hands of Damon. Even though that wasn’t the end of Lexi s she would make several appearances in the form of a ghost. She once had a chance to return back to life, but she passed it in order to help Stefan. Therefore Lexi is one such character who deserve to be alive. But the silver lining is that she found peace and is shown to be reunited with Stefan in the end.


The CW

Cause of death: Werewolf Bite/Staked by Damon

Further Appearances: Season 3 Episode ‘Heart of Darkness’ as a ghost

Like Rose, the character of Rose only appeared for a couple of episodes, but this character is well remembered and appreciated by the fans. Katherine tricked Rose in turning her into a vampire and then escaped. Rose along with Trevor were on a run for ages to escape the wrath of the Mikaelsons. She arrived in Mystic Falls to exchange her freedom with Elijah by offering him Elena. Rose would then help the Salvatores against the Mikaelsons, but after getting bitten by a werewolf, her time came to an end. Rose would reappear one time as a ghost. However, the actress Lauren Cohan who became a global star with ‘The Walking Dead’ would never appear on TVD again.



The CW

Cause of death: Cancer

Further Appearances: Appeared as a flashback/Hallucination/Manifestation/Spirit

Only a few characters on the show have managed to hold on to their humanity. Almost every main or supporting character has been turned into a vampire. Elizabeth is one of the few characters who remained human throughout her story arc. She is also one of the best parents in the TVD Universe who after learning about the Supernatural World existence not only accepts his daughter who is now a vampire, but also forms an alliance with the Vampires such as Damon in order to maintain peace and harmony in her community. Sheriff Forbes died due to Cancer in Season six. Her demise is one of the most heartbreaking moments of the show. Her flashback scene with a young Caroline made everyone’s eyes teary. Liz’s death forced Caroline to switch off her humanity.


5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Didn't Return To Life After Their Demise
The CW

Cause of death: Staked by Klaus

Further Appearances: Appeared as a Hallucination/Spirit

You know it really hurts when an innocent character who has done nothing wrong dies. But in the world of Vampire Diaries, it’s just another Monday. After Elena lost her parents in a car crash where she nearly died herself. Her and Jeremy are trying to cope up with the loss. Jenna Sommers, their aunt is the last remaining family in their lives who does everything possible to support them. She is the nice, cool, fun aunt who is extremely protective of her niece and nephew. Jenna became a victim of Klaus’ ruthless quest for power. She was transformed into a vampire by Klaus and then staked by her for the sacrifice. But even after turning into a vampire, Jenna quickly adapted to being a vampire, used her supernatural abilities to try save Elena until the end. Having died with purity and love for Elena in her heart, she quickly found peace. We see her reuniting with Elena in the final moments of the finale episode.

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The CW

Cause of death: Destroying the Phoenix Sword which resulted in an explosion

Further Appearances: None

Nora and Mary is an epic tale of love. Both of them were an outcast for being a Siphoner and were hunted, faced adversities not just because of their Supernatural nature, but also because of their love for each other. Both of them accepted each other and weren’t shy about expressing themselves openly to the world. Their love was their strength and was ready to take on anything that threatened them. After becoming captives of the Armory, they managed to break free. But when Nora is marked by the huntress Rayna Cruz. Mary Louise foils the plan of Rayna by siphoning the magic out of Phoenix Sword. Both of them sacrifice themselves by destroying the Phoenix Sword preventing Rayna to hunt any more vampires.

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