5 Words & Their Meanings That Are Known Only By TVD Fans

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries is set in a unique universe. It has a world of its own which is governed by different laws of nature, magic exists in this nature and the witches can tap into this magic. TVD Universe also houses different supernatural species such as vampires, werewolves, sirens, and many others. All these supernatural creatures are bound by their own specific laws and rules they must abide by. They possess different strengths and weaknesses, a careful consideration of which could ensure their survival. While TVD might seem to be a world where teenagers and poor vampires trying to form bonds and make the world a better place, this world is full of threats and it’s not easy to make out alive. The show uses many words which a non viewer can interpret normally, but the fans of the show have a whole different perspective, putting these words in TVD context gives them an entirely different meaning.

So Take A Look At 5 Words & Their Meanings That Are Known Only By TVD Fans


5 Words & Their Meanings That Are Known Only By TVD Fans
The CW

Ripper is a word which means something that is pretty good or it could also be referred to the tool which is used to break something. But TVD fans know and understand the whole different meaning of this word. When you hear the word, I am sure you think of Stefan Salvatore. Stefan is a man of morality and compassion until he enters the Ripper Mode. It is a kind of vampire who cannot control his hunger impulses and wants to consume and destroy nonstop. We have seen Damon & Elena turn into it due to Ripper Virus whereas Rebekah was cursed which transformed her into an Original Ripper.

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5 Words & Their Meanings That Are Known Only By TVD Fans
The CW

The word ‘Traveler’ means a person who travels or has traveled. But this term takes a whole different meaning. This term denotes a millennium old group of extremely powerful witches who have been passing down their knowledge. down the generations. The membership to this group is based on their birth, they might still be a part of the group even if they become vampires. Despite have such knowledge and command over magic, they don’t like to be labelled as witches. Qetsiyah and Silas are the most notable Travelers, Silas became immortal, but was placed in a captivity for betraying Qetsiyah.


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