6 Famous Female Actors/Celebrities You Forgot Who Appeared In Supernatural

3. Tricia Helfer

The CW

Tricia Helfer began her career in modeling before venturing into the acting industry. She gained fame for her portrayal of Number 6, a humanoid Cylon in the show ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ Additionally, she played integral roles in ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Burn Notice.’ In Season 2 Episode ‘Roadkill,’ she took on the character of Molly McNamara, who tragically passed away in an accident on Highway 41. Unaware of her demise, Molly continues her search for her husband while haunted by the ghost of Jonah Greely. With the help of the boys, Molly is able to accept the truth and move on to the afterlife.

SUPERNATURAL: Are You An Angel Or A Demon?

2. Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton, a renowned media personality who is a model, singer, and successful businesswoman, gained immense popularity in the 2000s and has been featured in numerous tabloids. The reality show ‘The Simple Life’ earned her major mainstream fame. Paris also launched her own fashion line and tried her hand in real estate. She made appearances in films such as ‘House of Wax’ and ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’. Paris Hilton appeared in Season 5 Episode ‘False Idols’ as herself. When three Paris fans express their wish to meet their idol, one of the fans ends up getting kidnapped. Sam and Dean Winchester discover that a Leshi is behind it all, taking the forms of famous personalities. However, the Sheriff isn’t aware of the truth and ends up issuing an APB on Paris Hilton.

1. Aimee Garcia


Aimee Garcia got her breakthrough when she starred on ‘The George Lopez Show’ as Veronica Palmero; it showcased her comedic timing and natural talent. With her role of Ella Lopez in the TV show Lucifer, her popularity rose to new heights. She appeared in Season 3 episode of Supernatural playing the role of Nancy Fitzgerald, who worked as a secretary in the Sheriff’s office. She was trapped along with the boys at the police station during a demonic siege. After the boys saved everyone and left, Lilith arrived at the police station and didn’t leave any survivors.

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