6 Shows Where The Vampire Diaries Cast Members Have Worked Together

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Most of the TVD actors will always be remembered for their legendary roles on the CW series ‘The Vampire Diaries’. For over 8 years, the cast worked together on the same project and they became like a family during the time. Many TVD actors have maintained close connections with their fellow co-stars even after all these years. Paul Welsy and Ian Somerhalder who played brothers on-screen has maintained their brotherly relationship in real life too. They both have started a business together of Bourbon Whiskey named ‘Brother’s Bond’.

Whenever TVD is brought up, the fans can’t help, but recall and obsess over the iconic love triangle or the craze of the Mikaelson Family. While actors such as Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham, and other cast members will always be remembered for their amazing portrayals in the show. But what the fans don’t know is that many actors from the TVD franchise had already worked together on numerous projects prior to being cast on the TVD.

So Take A Look At 6 Projects Where The Vampire Diaries Cast Members Have Worked Together

6. Charmed (1998-2006)


Charmed is one of the greatest fantasy shows of all time. The show focuses on three sisters who discover that they come from a long lineage of powerful witches. Now they must groom their magical potential to fight against the evil forces. Several actors from the TVD cast made their appearances on the Charmed. Sebastian Roche played the role of a sorcerer in Season 7. Michael Trevino played the role of a teen named Alastair in Season 8. And Melinda Clarke played the role of a Siren in Season 5.

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5. 90210 (2008-2013)

6 Shows Where The Vampire Diaries Cast Members Have Worked Together

90210 is a teen drama show that aired on CW from 2008 to 2013. It is the fourth show in the Beverly Hills franchise and the premise of the show is similar to the other shows focusing on the lives of the rich students who attend the West Beverly Hills High School and are located in the Beverly Hills area. 90210 focuses on the Wilson Family who have relocated from the small town Kansas to the glamorous Beverly Hills of the California. Michael Trevino who played Tyler Lockwood in TVD appeared as Ozzie Cardoza in 90210. Ozzie is a recurring character in Season 1 where she played the love interest and classmate of Naomi. Arielle Kebbel who played Lexi Branson in TVD appeared as a recurring character named Vanessa Shaw in 90210. She hits Liam and covers up the accident by lying. She later becomes closer to Liam, but her lies eventually catches her up, and the truth comes out.

4. Tell Me A Story (2018-2020)

6 Shows Where The Vampire Diaries Cast Members Have Worked Together

Tell Me A Story is an anthology series which presents the iconic classic fairy tales in the form of modern day thrillers. The show had two seasons which featured entirely different cast with the exception of Paul Wesley and Danielle Campbell who appeared in both seasons. Paul Wesley played a character named Eddie who is a drug dealer and bartender in Season 1 while Danielle Campbell played Kayla Powell who is still grieving her mother’s dead and had moved to the town from New York. In Season 2, Paul played a writer named Tucker whose fairy-tale counterpart is ‘The Dark Fairy’ from Sleeping Beauty. While Danielle Campbell played a self absorbed girl named Olivia whose fairytale counterpart is ‘Sleeping Beauty’ from Sleeping Beauty. Both Paul and Danielle shared numerous scenes together in the show.


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