All The Supernatural Actors Who Have Appeared In The Winchesters

The story starts when John who has returned back home after his time in ‘Nam. He sets off on a journey to uncover the past of his father Henry Winchester in which he crosses path with Mary Campbell who is a Supernatural hunter. Both of them join forces with two fellow hunters to find out the truth about their respective families. Although the Winchesters has aired only 13 episodes in its Season 1, but we were lucky enough to witness several familiar faces from Supernatural reprising their roles one more time in the spin-off.


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Gil McKinney originally auditioned to play the role of Sam Winchester in Supernatural, but eventually ended up playing Henry Winchester in Season 8 & 9. He appeared in Winchesters’ episode 7 titled ‘Reflections’.


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Ruth Connell first appeared as the witch Rowena in Season 10 of the Supernatural. Soon her character became a fan favorite and she was involved majorly in several story lines. The version of Rowena that appears in Winchesters is pretty different from the Rowena that we have been used to seeing. This Rowena’s magic is completely unbound, not limited by the limitations of Grand Coven. She is also able to teach Ada whereas the SPN version Rowena was forbidden from having students. In the episode ‘Tears of a Clown’, Rowena also makes a reference to ‘Crowley’ when she says that they have information about her ‘son’, implying Crowley also exists in the Winchesters Universe.


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The finale episode of the Winchesters titled ‘Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye’, features several fan favorite characters from the Supernatural such as Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, and Jack Kline. The finale episode also connects all the dots and make some surprising revelations. We learn about the true nature of the Akrida which were created by Chuck Shurley as a fail safe mechanism in case if the Winchesters managed to defeat him. When Dean learned about it, he decided to intervene as Akrida could have bought destruction across all the worlds and he wanted Sam to live a long happy life on earth.


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Jim Beaver reprised his role as Bobby Singer and can be seen uttering his famous catchphrase ‘Idjit’, telling Dean not to meddle with the affairs of the Winchesters’ Universe. Alexander Calvert also appeared in the final moments of the episode as Jack. Jack tells Dean that he restored everything, he wanted the humans to carve their own fate and no higher power intervening or controlling the things.

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