How Well Do You Know Klaus’ Storyline From TVD To The Originals?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Before the Original Vampire made his appearance on TVD, his notorious reputation preceded him. This fearsome Original Vampire was first mentioned by the Vampire Rose in a conversation with Stefan Salvatore. She warned Stefan Salvatore that Klaus would come for Elena. And finally we saw the presence of Klaus who confronted Bonnie while possessing Alaric Saltzman. Later, we saw Klaus making his appearance in his real flesh in the episode called ‘Klaus’, It didn’t last long before Klaus Mikaelson established himself as one of the show’s most dangerous villain who targeted the Mystic Falls’ gang.

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The main reason why the Original Vampire made his return to Mystic Falls is to break the millennia long curse which was imposed on him by his mother Esther Mikaelson. Ultimately, Klaus managed to break the curse using Elena’s blood in a ritual which unleashed his werewolf side. However, this ritual claimed the life of Elena’s aunt Jenna Summers. As the show progressed, we get to see more of the Mikaelson siblings, they were reunited again when their mother Esther returned from the dead to correct what she did wrong.

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Klaus stayed on the top for so long and managed to create a lot of trouble for our beloved characters. However, this unstoppable enemy was defeated by our Mystic Falls’ gang. Bonnie with the help of Damon and Stefan managed to incapacitate Klaus using a desiccation spell. One of the highlights of Klaus’ character was his relationship with Caroline Forbes. Slowly he fell in love with her and saved her life at various occasions. It was the popularity of Klaus’ character which led to the inception of ‘The Originals’.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Klaus Mikaelson’s Storyline From TVD To The Originals?

How Well Do You Know Klaus’ Storyline From TVD To The Originals?

First appeared on TVD as a villain that we all hated and wanted to see him meet his end soon. But slowly he showed us his soft side and we became his crazy fans. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about Klaus' story-lines from TVD to The Originals.

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