How Well Do You Know Rowena MacLeod From Supernatural?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Rowena MacLeod is anything, but a complex character from the show. Ruth Connell has done a tremendous job in bringing this character to life. The character of Rowena has evolved from an antagonist to a supporting ally of the Winchesters. As the show went on, the backstory of Rowena was explored which resulted in the audiences getting an insight into her motivations as why Rowena craved power and control. The character first appeared in Season 10 of Supernatural as the mother of Crowley, the King of Hell. Right from the very first moment, Rowena displayed a sharp intellect and exuded an aura of confidence which separated from the various other characters. Rowena is a fierce female character who has a sharp tongue on her, much like her son Crowley. She managed to get the best of the Winchesters on several occasions. Her interactions and scenes have also proven to be full of humor and entertainment.

How Well Do You Know Rowena From Supernatural?
The CW

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Since her introduction, it became clear that Rowena desires power. She would manipulate others using her intelligence and would do anything to get what she wants. It was her insatiable desire for power that placed her against the Winchesters. But as the show went on, the viewers also got to witness the vulnerable side of this powerful witch. Rowena, despite being all tough and insensitive towards Crowley on the outside, actually cared for her Son. She had learned that in order to survive in this world, one must be powerful or they would get crushed.

How Well Do You Know Rowena From Supernatural?
The CW

In Season 11, when the Darkness became unleashed on the face of the Earth. The Winchesters needed all the help that they could. They turned to Rowena to join their team in fighting the Darkness. Rowena would use her witch powers to put a stop of the Darkness and played a crucial role in saving the world. In Season 15, she would sacrifice herself for the greater good to save the world by sending all the souls back to hell. It is one of the most heartbreaking demises on the show. Similar to Crowley, her character also provided a comic relief to the viewers through her catchy one-liners and charismatic on-screen presence.

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Rowena is also unable to love Crowley. It is not because she is incapable of love or because she dislikes all humans, or the fact that she is too occupied with her magic and witchcraft. But, because Crowley reminds her of a forgotten past. He reminds her of a weak and vulnerable state that she was in, after Crowley’s father deserted her. Crowley’s father left Rowena for another woman who possessed wealth.

So Take A Look The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Rowena From Supernatural?

Rowena MacLeod Ultimate Quiz

Test your knowledge of the powerful witch Rowena from Supernatural. One of the most complex characters, her character is full of numerous memorable storylines. This quiz is designed to test your understanding and knowledge of her storylines, memorable moments, and relationships throughout the show. The quiz will see if you are a veteran Supernatural fan or you really have a long way to go.

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