How Well Do You Know The Relationship Between Sam & Dean Winchester?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The relationship or the bond between Sam and Dean Winchester on the show Supernatural is the heart and soul of the show. It’s their complex relationship that has been the main driving force of the plot of the show. Together they both have experienced numerous ups and down which only made their relationship stronger. Since they were kids, Dean always took the responsibility of being the protective brother, always looking out for his younger brother Sammy. When their father, John, would go on hunting trips, Dean would be left with the task of protecting Sam. This protective instinct took deep a hold in the personality of Dean. Even when they grow up, Dean’s priority has always been about safeguarding Sam even if it involves putting his life into danger.

How Well Do You Know The Relationship Between Sam & Dean Winchester?

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Throughout the 15 seasons of the show, we see the boys taking up a journey where they battle all sorts of Supernatural beings while uncovering the deep hidden secrets related to their family and legacy. The first five seasons which follows the apocalypse arc of Eric Kripke revolves around Sam and Dean trying to locate their missing father while learning about the truth of their mother’s demise. Soon they find themselves caught up in the apocalyptic battle between the forces of heaven and hell. They soon learn the vital role they play in this battle of the apocalypse, with each brother being the vessel of the pivotal angel who will lead the forces in the battle, Sam being the true vessel of Lucifer, and Dean being the vessel of the archangel Michael who will lead the heaven.

How Well Do You Know The Relationship Between Sam & Dean Winchester?
The CW

After successfully preventing the apocalypse, Sam and Dean face new challenges and threats in the form of the ancient monsters known as the Leviathans who are unleashed on the face of the earth. They have to even face the powerful demon Abaddon who can only be eliminated using the Mark of Cain. Their troubles don’t end here, the Winchesters are confronted with God’s powerful Sister Amara AKA Darkness who is set free when the Mark of Cain is removed from the hand of Dean.

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Both the brothers have different personalities, Sam is known for his logical thinking and intelligence. Whereas Dean is well known for his sarcastic humor which he often uses as a defense mechanism to deal with situations. His one-liners are definitely the highlight of the show. Throughout the Supernatural, the relationship between Sam and Dean Winchester showcases an unbreakable bond, the themes of personal growth, free will, and sacrifice are recurring.

So Take A Look At How Well Do You Know The Relationship Between Sam & Dean Winchester?

Hardest Sam & Dean WInchester Quiz

So do you consider yourself to be a die hard fan of Sam and Dean? Do you think you possess an adequate knowledge about the complex dynamic between Sam and Dean from Supernatural? Take this quiz and put your knowledge to test about their brotherly relationship, storylines, events, conflicts, and experiences together.

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