How Well Do You Remember Season One Of Lucifer?

Welcome to Humor Nation. The Devil Lucifer Morningstar has come to Earth to take a vacation, and he’s working alongside the LAPD! How well do you know the adventures of Lucifer, Chloe, Maze, and the rest of the gang?

How Well Do You Know The TV Show Lucifer?

How Well Do You Know Dean Winchester? Supernatural Quiz!

Fans were disappointed when FOX cancelled the show after its three amazing seasons. But Netflix came as a savior by giving a new life to the show. Recently Netflix aired the fourth season of the show. All the seasons of the show are available on it. The fourth season of the show has earned rave reviews from the critics and fans. The finale was really surprising and we finally saw Lucifer and Chloe confession the love they have for each other.The ratings are great and it is very likely that the show will be renewed for a fifth season on Netflix.

Even the showrunners of the show Ildy Modrovich and Joe has teased some interesting ideas for the fifth season if Netflix decides to give it a chance. The finale of the show ended on a cliffhanger note and the fans are now desperately petitioning for the fifth season. It is very likely that Netflix will take the decision in the coming next 30 days. Some fans are suggesting that Lucifer should make a big screen debut with the same cast.

The show has come full circle with how Chloe was surprised at the revelation that Lucifer is the devil and through out the season she came to accept the fact and made peace with it.

So Let’s  Take A Look At How Well Do You Know The TV Show ‘Lucifer’?

So how much did you score on the Lucifer quiz? If you indeed managed to score above 12 then you’re a true Supernatural fan. Do share the results of the quiz in the comments section below on Facebook. Do share this ‘Lucifer’ quiz with your friends.

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