How Well Do You Remember The Episode 1 Of Supernatural?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The pilot episode of the Supernatural introduces us to the Winchester brothers: Sam and Dean. They witness their mom die as kids by a supernatural force and they are raised up as hunters by their father John Winchester who is hell bent on revenge. He wants to hunt down the force responsible for his wife’s demise.


How Well Do You Remember The Originals Sirelines?

Young brother leaves his hunting life and goes to college to start a fresh and normal life, but he is pulled into the world of the Supernatural when his brother Dean Winchester shows up at his doorstep in the pilot episode telling him that their dad has not returned from a hunting back. The boys then finds some clues and starts searching for him. They arrive into a small town where they encounter a vengeful spirit which is known as ‘Woman In White’. This spirit then starts haunting Sam.


Supernatural starts when the older brother Dean Winchester shows up at the doorstep of his younger brother Sam. The brothers haven’t seen each other for years. Dean comes to ask for Sam’s help in searching for their dad because he is missing. Sam is hesitant at first, but to find his dad he decides to help Dean. They then come across the case through the newspaper clips which their dad was hunting. The case of the vanishing men on the Centennial Highway. Dean then plays the recorded voicemail of his dad who tells that something big bad is going to happen and they all are in danger.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Remember The Episode 1 Of Supernatural?

How Well Do You Remember The Episode 1 Of Supernatural?

As a fan whenever we are waiting for the new episodes to come out, we'd decide to re-watch the show from the beginning. We are also sure that you have seen the pilot episode numerous times. Today the quiz will focus on the first episode of the show. We'll check how well do you remember the first episode?

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