Supernatural Angels And Their Mythological Origins

Welcome to Humor Nation. Supernatural definitely changes the way you look at angels. The show provides us a hypothetically realistic insight into the world of supernaturals. The angels in the show are named after prophets, scribes, and other Biblical characters, while others are simply not referenced in Judeo Christian religions at all.

Let’s look at the mythological origins of the angels in Supernatural which are surprisingly interesting and definitely worth exploring!

1. Castiel

Mythological Origins Of The Angels In Supernatural

One of our favorites, Castiel has one of the most fierce angels of all times. His name translates to shield of god. His symbols are a dragon and a spear! Fascinating, isn’t it? Like his modern counterpart, Castiel is a somewhat melancholy figure. He is the angel of tears and solitude, and according to the Kabbalah, presides over the seventh heaven.

2. Gabriel


Gabriel makes appearances in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions. The name Gabriel means strength of the god, and his symbol is the trumpet. Gabriel was rumored to have presided death of the kings and conception of souls in the Garden of Eden. According to the new testament, he was the one to inform the Virgin Mary of her divine conception. It does change the way you look at him, right?

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3. Lucifer

Throughout his numerous depictions in Christianity, Islam, and obviously, the modern occult, Lucifer has been depicted as a demon, a seven-headed dragon, a spirit, and most consistently, a fallen angel. So basically, he’s Satan. In his modern rendition, Lucifer was said to burn cold instead of hot, and as a result, the levels of hell get progressively colder as they near its center, where he is supposedly imprisoned. Now if this isn’t interesting then what is?

4. Raphael

Raphael translates to the healer of god and his symbol is staff. He fits as a healer because he is said to have healed a blind man. However, it’s a pity that his modern counterpart couldn’t be nearly as nice – sorry, Raphael, but blowing up your siblings and causing the apocalypse just isn’t a polite thing to do.

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So, these were some heads up on the mythological backgrounds of our angels which make Supernatural even more supernatural!
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