Supernatural Angels And Their Mythological Origins

The CW

Welcome to Humor Nation. Angels are the servants of the lord who help the humans and come to their rescue. Now that is the popular idea, but Supernatural has definitely changed our perception about the angels, they surely aren’t the good guys. Turns out the angels in Supernatural are far more complicated than the human beings. The show introduced the angel species in Season 4. Since then, the more we learned about these divine beings, the more annoying they became. Of course, there are exceptions as angels such as Castiel, Gabriel are beloved and fan favorites, they proved to be the formidable allies of the Winchesters, and even gave up their lives for the boys. The angels in Supernatural have been named after the scribes, the Biblical characters, and Prophets. But there are angels who have not been referenced or mentioned in any way in the literature of the Judeo Christian.

So Take A Look At The Mythological Origins of Four Amazing Angels of Supernatural!

1. Castiel

Supernatural Angels And Their Mythological Origins
The CW

Castiel is undoubtedly the most beloved angel in the Supernatural Universe. Not just Supernatural, this character is one of the most popular divine beings in the entire TV series history. The name of this angel translates to ‘Shield of God’. The name Castiel comes from the angel Cassiel which is a part of the Judeo-Christian religion, it appeared in Islamic and religion of Kabbalah too. The change in the spelling from S to T has been done to pay a homage to the day of Thursday by Eric Kripke. Castiel role can be defined as someone who patiently watches the events of the cosmos happen and unfold with very little interference. In the Western Occult, he is listed as the angel of Saturn. In the literature, he is depicted as the jinn with beard riding over a dragon. Cassiel or Castiel has also been described as the angel which presides over the deaths of kings, it the angel of the tears and temperance.

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2. Gabriel

Supernatural Angels And Their Mythological Origins

Gabriel has made appearances in Islamic, Jewish, and Christian religions. The archangel Gabriel is the messenger of the God, an angel of the higher rank. His name translates to the meaning of ‘God is my hero or God is my strength’. In the religion of Islam, Gabriel serves as the mediator of the Holy Quran. In the religion of Judaism, his appearances include in the Book of Ezekiel and Book of Daniel. Both of them were the Prophets whom Gabriel helped. He made appearance in Kabbalah too. Gabriel is said to be the angel who is associated with the conception of souls taking place in the Eden Garden. While in the Old Testament, his duties were limited to beseeching the profits related with the word of the Lord. Whereas in New Testament he was tasked with informing Holy Virgin Mary about her divine conception.



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