Take The Quiz And Find Out Which Supernatural Angel Are You?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Extending back thirteen years, the Supernatural TV show saw the mighty Winchesters overcoming the demonic forces and simply saving the day from the monsters. In season one, we fans, were hinted about the existence of the holy messengers of god AKA the Angels. Move forward a couple of years and Sam and Dean experience their first relative of Heaven, the adorable Castiel, whose real form is said to be as huge as the Chrysler Building. Angel

Find Out Which Supernatural Angel Are You?

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Since season four, these Angels have turned out to be reoccurring theme for the Winchesters, in spite of the fact that the divine beings being more stronger and possessing more power than the Winchesters’ typical foes. surpass the pair’s average enemies with respect to unadulterated quality. If we look at the angels hierarchy, at the top of the pile, sits the four archangels who were created by the god himself. And if we look further down the structure, there are various kinds of angels, classified into such classes as Seraphim, Cherubs, Grigori, and the feared Nephilim.

After creating the beautiful humanity, God requested his beloved angels to watch over his creation of mankind. This caused a rift between the god’s beloved and his favorite creation. While some angels stayed dedicated to their dad’s desires. And then there are some who now and again displayed strikingly egotistical or control hungry traits, some remained helpful to the mankind.

Have you ever dreamed of being an angel? Well, take this Supernatural quiz and find out which angelic being are you?

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