TVD Universe: All The Sirelines Explained And Their Current Status


TVD Universe: All The Sirelines Explained And Their Current Status
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Elijah Mikaelson’s first ever sired vampire is Tristan De Martel who returned to New Orleans in Season 3 plotting a war against the Originals with the help of Aurora and Lucien, along with Strix. Elijah’s sireline was destroyed in Originals Season 4 ‘Queen Death’ when Hollow used the poisonous thrones to cause the demise of Elijah. Even though Elijah’s consciousness was saved and was later rebuilt, combining it with his restored body. But his sireline that he created in 1001 ceased to exist. It’s a possibility that he might have sired new vampires, but the new sireline also would have ended with his demise in the final episode.


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Even though Finn got the least of storylines compared to his siblings, but in Vampire Diaries, we learned about his first sired Vampire ‘Sage’ who also loved Finn Mikaleosn. But in TVD Season 3 Episode ‘The Murder Of One’, Matt Donovan causes the demise of the Original vampire using a White Oak Stake. It’s a possibility that after returning to this ‘Original’ body in Season 3 of Originals, Finn could have sired new vampires, but with his permanent demise in Season 3 Episode ‘Behind The Black Horizon’, it would have ceased to exist.


TVD Universe: All The Sirelines Explained And Their Current Status
The CW

Klaus Mikaelson had probably the most number of sired vampires in his sireline. In Originals Season 3 Episode ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, Davina who was provided the help of Strix Coven managed to sever the sireline of Klaus, breaking it, and thus unlinking all the vampires such as Marcel, Stefan, Lucien from it. This meant that all the vampires who have been unlinked won’t cease to exist if Klaus dies in the future. After the events of Season 3, there’s a possibility that Klaus might have sired any new vampires, but all those vampires and his sireline would have been destroyed with his demise in Originals finale episode.

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In order to end a sireline, an Original’s body has to be destroyed along with their spirit. We have witnessed this when in TVD Season 3 finale, Alaric who destroyed Klaus, but later Klaus’ consciousness was transferred to Tyler. Later, his body was restored. However, in case of Elijah, when Hollow attacked him with the thorns, even though Freya transferred his consciousness in nick of time, but it was all broken and damaged.



We learned in Originals Season 3 that through the unlinking spell, one could reverse the spell of Esther, and thus unlink the sired vampires from their Original Vampire.


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It is also interesting that Esther used the same immortality spell on Alaric with a slight modification, turning him into an Enhanced Original Vampire. Similarly, the ‘Beast’ or Upgraded Originals were also created using the Esther’s spell which was reverse engineered. So it’s a possibility that they could also sire vampires.

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