Was It Twilight Or The Vampire Diaries? Only True Fans Can Answer


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Vampires are mysterious, they are fascinating, and for decades they have been a popular subject to numerous books, comics, films, and video games. Every adaptation has a different take on the vampires, their origin stories and their powers have been different. When it comes to movies, Twilight is one of the most successful and popular vampire movie franchise in the world. The movies are based on the books of the same name. When it comes to the television, the Vampire Diaries have an undeniable legacy as it’s one of the most talked and famous vampire TV shows of all time.

Was It Twilight Or The Vampire Diaries? Only True Fans Can Answer

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Both of them share numerous similarities so it’s easy to get confused between the two. Their characters share numerous similar traits and even their story content are similar. In Twilight, a young girl named Bella falls in love with a vampire named Edward and also finds herself attracted to Jacob. But it’s no comparison to the popular love triangle of Elena and the Salvatores, Elena had a meaningful relationship with the brothers and their chemistry was off the charts. It didn’t feel forced or out of place, there was substance and significance. The Vampire Diaries featured much passionate romance between the characters. It’s a story of love, heartbreak, confusion, and complicated relationships.

While Twilight featured unique vampires who are much faster and stronger than the TVD vampires. They are not easy to kill and they don’t burn in the sun, they sparkle. Whereas the werewolves in the Twilight are also powerful than the ones in TVD. But Vampire Diaries has a wide array of supernatural creatures such as the witches, hybrids, ghosts, sirens, and lot more. The lore of Vampire Diaries is pretty vast, different supernatural beings with different sorts of powers and abilities. While TVD has the Originals, Twilight has a powerful coven of vampires known as ‘The Volturi’. They rule over the vampire world and their abilities surpass those of the Originals. Twilight also featured characters which are morally good whereas TVD most have the evil and self serving vampires except maybe Stefan who is nice as long as he’s not in his ripper mood.

Was It Twilight Or The Vampire Diaries? Only True Fans Can Answer
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