Where Do You Belong- Riverdale or Greendale? Take This Quiz And Find Out!


Welcome to Humor Nation. Where would you rather live; Greendale or Riverdale? Do you want to live in a town where witches and magic exist? Or do you want to live in a town where you could hang out with buddies like Archie and Jughead? It is believed that Greendale is the exact located where the devil Lucifer first landed after he fell from Heaven. This is the place which links the immortal world with the mortal place. It’s a dangerous and cursed place. During the Salem Witch Trials, many witches came to this place and started living at the outskirts in the Greendale Woods.

Where Do You Belong- Riverdale or Greendale? Take This Quiz And Find Out!
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Whereas Riverdale is a town which was founded in 1941. This small town is divided into two parts, the south side where the poor men live, it’s the house of the Southside Serpents. And the north side, it’s the place of the rich. The north side is an area in which the crime rates are low, people are prosperous and live a luxurious lifestyle.


The Southside of the Riverdale is tougher and it’s a rougher place for the people who live there. It’s the home to many criminal gangs such as the Ghoulies and the SouthSide Serpents who engage in illegal activities. The SouthSide people are looked down by the North people, they accuse them of participating in the criminal activities. People of both sides try to keep their noses outta each other’s matters. The Blossom family is the family which founded Riverdale by bankrolling it. They are the oldest and the richest family in the town. So did you find out where you would live? Don’t forget to comment and let us know which show you like more; Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or Riverdale?

Are you comfortable with a mortal life or do you crave the life of a witch? Take this quiz and find out whether you belong in Riverdale or Greendale.

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