Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Vampire Diaries Girl Are You?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Vampire Diaries is one of the best Supernatural shows out there. What makes it a must watch is its amazing storylines, brilliant acting by one of the sexiest casts ever on the television. When it comes to men, they are handsome and charming, like some princes out of storybooks. And the women are simply beautiful. The show is full of beautiful, but dangerous people.

Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Vampire Diaries Girl Are You?

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The women on the Vampire Diaries can be friendly or deadly, they can be your favorite or you’d love to hate them, but you simply cannot deny that they are the hottest women on the television. The character of the lead girl has been played by Nina Dobrev, she played the character of Elena Gilbert. She was the female lead of the Vampire Diaries for the first six seasons. She becomes the love interests of Stefan Salvatore who is actually a 162-year old vampire.

Interestingly Nina Dobrev has also played the character of Katherine Pierce. In the finale of season 1, she returns to Mystic Falls. She has been in love with Stefan. Then there’s Bonnie Bennett who is the best friend of Elena. She later becomes a lead late in season 7. Caroline Forbes, who is also a good friend of Elena and Bonnie. We can go on and on about the various different female characters of the show. Which one do you relate the most to? We have come up with a quiz to help assess your personality based on some questions.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Vampire Diaries Girl Are You?

So do you agree with the result? Or do you think you’re someone different? Don’t forget to share this amazing Vampire Diaries quiz with your fans.
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