Find Out Who’s Your Supernatural Guardian?

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Welcome to Humor Nation. Each and every Supernatural is special and unique in their own way. While the main characters such as John, Mary Sam, Dean, and Bobby were introduced to the fans in the first season. But there have been numerous other amazing characters that the fans came across in the later seasons. One of the most significant characters that was introduced later was Castiel. The beloved angel debuted in the premiere episode of Season 4. His debut will always remain legendary and his iconic quote of ‘I am the one who raised you from Perdition’ still resonates with the fans. It was the beginning of the amazing friendship between Dean and Castiel. Through his experience with the Winchesters, Castiel became humane and questioned his purpose and morality.


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Season 5 introduced us to numerous villains. The major was the devil Lucifer who escaped from his cage in the Season 4 finale. But another villain who would transform into a hero was Crowley, the king of the crossroad demon proved to a resourceful ally to the Winchesters. Seeing that the Winchesters are the only ones who can send back Lucifer to hell, Crowley used his manipulative mind to assist the boys in the mission. Crowley has worked with the Winchesters and also worked against them on numerous occasions. He served as the secondary antagonist of Season 6 and the primary villain of the boys in Season 8. By Season 9 and 10, he became a sassy friend of Team Free Will and aided them in dealing with the Mark of Cain, acquiring the first blade. He also restored the grace of Castiel in order to help him in curing the demon Dean.


Speaking of Villains turned Heroes, another addition to the list is Rowena MacLeod. The great witch who was hell bent on ruining the Winchesters, but then became their closest ally, helping them using her magic. She even sacrificed her life for the greater mission. Rowena gave up her life in order to place all the souls of hell to their rightful place. Jack Kline was the latest addition to the gang. It didn’t take him long to grow on the fans. The Nephilim reminded the fans of Castiel. Soon this spawn of Lucifer became the honorary member of the Winchester family.

The CW

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Who’s Your Supernatural Guardian?

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