Who’s Your Supernatural Guardian?

Welcome to Humor Nation. So how well do you know Supernatural characters? Do you know the backstories of Kevin and Charlie? Do you know the difference between Bobby and Benny? Take this Supernatural knowledge test to find out!

How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Supernatural Characters?

Take The Quiz And Find Out Which Supernatural Angel Are You?

We know the main characters of the series are Sam and Dean Winchester, the Winchester brothers who travel all around the country in their stylish 1967 Chevrolet Impala to save lives and hunt the supernatural monsters, solve the paranormal entities.

But apart from these two, there are other characters too. John Winchester, the father of the boys who trained the boys to become hunter after the love of his life Mary Winchester was burned by a demon named Azazel. There’s Bobby Singer who is like a father figure to the boys. As the show progresses, we get to see various different characters who make the story-line even more interesting. We see an angel Castiel who was supposed to be a guest character but ultimately ended up becoming a prominent character on the series. Then we have Crowley, a cross-road demon who earlier was an enemy to the boys, but later became their ally.

There are so many characters who played a crucial role in the series such as Ruby, Bela Talbot, Lucifer, Meg Masters, Tessa, Jo and Ellen Harvelle, Rufus, Samuel, Anna, Claire, Becky, Adam, Jody Mills, Benny Lafitte, Garth, Charlie Bradbury, Frank, Metatron, Chuck Shurley, Death, Raphael, Ash, Jack, Hannah, Azazel, Gabriel, Lilith, Uriel, Alastair, Michael, Eve, Alpha Vampire, Dick Roman, Naomi, Abaddon, Amara.

So Who’s Your Supernatural Guardian?

So did you manage to get all the answers right? How did you Supernatural knowledge hold up? Do let us know your Supernatural knowledge score result by commenting below the article.

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