10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In The Vampire Diaries

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries witnessed many deaths on the show and most of the deaths broke our heart while some deserved to die. Those death scenes carried so much emotional weight that almost all the viewers cried. So today we’ll discuss which character’s death affected us the most.

So here are the 10 most heartbreaking deaths in the Vampire Diaries!

10. Carol Lockwood

10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In The Vampire Diaries

Carol Lockwood was Tyler’s mother and earlier she was more like a villain but after knowing the reality of her son she turned into a caring and protective mother who loved her son and could do anything for him. But she was killed by Klaus in rage which made us sad. Her death is amongst the saddest deaths.

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9. Lexi Branson

Lexi’s death really crushed the viewers because she was a very happy character and Stefan’s best friend who always did good for others, unlike another vampire. She was a good soul who was killed by Damon in the first season, we really wanted to see more of her.

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