5 Bold TV Roles Played By The Actresses Of The Originals


5 Bold TV Roles Played By The Actresses Of The Originals

Phoebe Tonkin has played the role of the werewolf turned Hybrid Hayley Marshall in the TVD Universe. She appeared in a main role on the Originals. Phoebe Tonkin is best known for her work in H20: Just Add Water, The Secret Circle, Home and Away. But not so many people known about her work in the Australian Web series titled ‘Bloom’. The premise of the show is pretty unique. The residents of a town discover a magical plant which possesses the ability to restore the youth of a person. Phoebe played the younger version of the character of Gwen Reed who is a retired actress who returns back to her childhood town along with Ray who is her husband. The actress revealed that she wouldn’t do any ‘wild’ scenes until such scene is a necessity of the story. In Bloom, Phoebe has appeared in certain bold scenes which are relevant to the story and makes perfect sense.


5 Bold TV Roles Played By The Cast Of The Originals

Danielle Campbell rose to fame with her role of Davina Claire in the Originals. But this young and talented actress has proven her acting talent with her stellar performance in CBS show ‘Tell Me A Story’. The actress has appeared in both the seasons of the show. She has played two different characters in two seasons of the show. In Season 1, she portrays a character named Kayla Powell who develops a romantic affair with her English teacher. Whereas in Season 2, she plays a girl named Olivia who comes from a small-town. But she moves to Nashville to start a fresh life, but things go south. Both of her performances are praise worthy and display her acting prowess.



Jaime Murray appeared in the first season of the Originals as Antoinette. A vampire who becomes the love interest of Elijah Mikaelson, but her mother plots against Klaus and his family. But most of the fans know her from her role of Lila West in the hit psychological thriller show ‘Dexter’. Her character Lila West served as the main villain of Season 2. She develops a relationship with Dexter as she manages to see through Dexter’s facade, see him for who he truly is. Jaime has done a tremendous job of playing a character with multiple shades and layers. She proved to be one of the best antagonists in Dexter. Some of her scenes in Dexter are definitely going to mesmerize you.

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