5 Hidden Details About The Vampire Diaries That You Missed


5 Hidden Details About The Vampire Diaries That You Missed

In Season 7 finale episode ‘Gods and Monsters’, Damon has a plan to destroy a preserved body at the Armory. Damon has arranged large gas tanks and plans to release the gas to burn down the entire thing. Stefan tells Damon that he cannot get in as Bonnie has sealed the entire Armory. To which, Damon responds saying ‘Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do’. This line has been said numerous times by the character of John Locke on Lost. Ian Somerhalder played the character of Boone Carlyle on Lost and was the first major character to die on the show. He would appear in numerous episodes after his death. John Locke served as the mentor to Boone. When John discovered the ‘hatch’ which was an underground facility, he asked Bonnie to keep it a secret. When they were unable to open the hatch, they followed a dream to a plane. It was because of Locke that Boone was injured mortally while climbing onto the plane and passed away. Another interesting fact is the ending of both the shows share a similarity. In both the shows, the characters are reunited with their beloved ones in the afterlife.


5 Hidden Details About The Vampire Diaries That You Missed
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The finale episode is the ultimate conclusion of the Vampire Diaries. It ties all the ends and gives a beautiful ending to the TVD characters. The show runners really did deliver and gave us one of the best TVD episode of all times. The finale episode is full of plenty of callbacks, references, and Easter eggs. Stefan sacrifices himself to save everyone and gives Damon a second chance to live his life as a human.

  • Interestingly, Stefan meets Elena for one last time in the same place where they first met. Stefan & Elena’s first and last meet takes place at Mystic Falls High School.
  • As Stefan walks out of the school into the light, he is greeted by his best friend Lexi Branson who tells him that his moment was beautiful. Stefan responds saying ‘I WAS FEELING EPIC’. This phrase is not only the name of the episode, but are also the same words which Lexi once said to him.
  • In the closing moments of the episode, Stefan is reunited with his brother Damon in the afterlife. Damon greets Stefan with the words ‘Hello Words’, it was also Damon’s first ever line on the show.
  • The Vampire Diaries is the story of which character? Some say it’s the story of Elena and she is the main protagonist while some say it’s Damon who is the main hero. But in reality, the show is the story of Stefan Salvatore. This is pretty evident from the very first line in the pilot episode, his voice-over says ‘I am a Vampire and this is my story’. It’s the ultimate sacrifice of Stefan which saved everyone and resulted in the reunion of Delena. He made amends with his brother and undo the mistake he once did, returned him his humanity and reunited with the girl he loves. The story started with Stefan & Katherine and it ended with them. And finally, Stefan Salvatore died at an age of 171 years and the total number of TVD episodes are 171 over a course of eight seasons.


The CW

As you very well know that TVD is based on the novels of the same name. Even though the show creators have taken the liberty to change several things on the show, from the character’s relationships to their names. In TVD 7×18 Episode titled “One Way or Another”: Bonnie is listed at the hospital as “Bonnie McCullough,” which is her last name in the book series. Bonnie enters the mental hospital in order to know from Virginia why the Armory was after her. Bonnie uses the fake name of Bonnie McCullough instead of Bonnie Bennett. You would be surprised to know that this is the actual name of the witch character in the novel books. Also in the Originals pilot episode, this scene is available in the Originals first episode ‘Always and Forever’, and not in TVD Season 4 backdoor pilot. There’s a scene where Davina and Marcel are talking, Davina addresses the Originals who have just arrived in the New Orleans as Old Ones. This is a reference to the name of the most powerful vampires in the TVD Universe in the books.

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