5 Inconsistencies In Supernatural That Make No Sense


5 Inconsistencies In Supernatural That Make No Sense
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Lucifer was freed from the cage when the 66 seals were broken. It set the apocalypse in motion. The first seal was broken when a righteous man turned away from his righteousness. Dean was tortured by Alastair for 3 months which was 30 years in hell. Dean didn’t give in to his torture, he held on to his humanity. But after one more month (10 years), he cannot take the torture anyone. He gives in to the Alastair’s deal to torture other souls. When John went to hell, he was also tortured by Alastair, but he never gave up. He never accepted the deal of Alastair to torture other souls to stop his own torture. Now assuming, Alastair was telling the truth then this means John was the first righteous man who was supposed to break the first seal. And only the man who breaks the first seal could stop Lucifer (by becoming a vessel).

The CW

In the time travel episode, Michael possesses a young John Winchester. This all indicates that the apocalypse battle was originally supposed to take place between John and Sam. Dean was the backup plan in case if John doesn’t break under Alastair. Dean VS Sam was never the main plan of heaven.


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Season 4 is when angels were introduced to us. They were initially written to be far powerful than the demons. We saw Castiel arriving in the barn where he is shot and stabbed by Dean & Bobby, but nothing happens to him. Fast forward to the later seasons, angels are easily beaten by Sam & Dean in a fist fight. Not to forget Season 12 finale where Mary Winchester punched the devil Lucifer using the powered knuckles. It is pretty evident that Supernatural writing struggled big time with power crawl. When they originally introduced angels and demons, these species were invincible, but later on they had to change their internal lore, and introduce other more powerful enemies because of which these species were made comparatively weaker.

Earlier, dealing with a demon was a challenging task. One demon could cause all sorts of chaos. Sam & Dean would have to work hard to exorcise, but the writing regressed big time and it became a knife fight with the demons. Sam & Dean fought hard to protect the innocents yet they would use knife to dispose off demons knowing that it kills the host too.


The CW

In Season 5, when the archangel blade first appeared on the screen, it resembled similar to a regular angel blade. It wasn’t until Season 13 that we saw the different appearance of the blade. Gabriel’s archangel blade in ‘Hammer of the Gods’ resembled like a normal angel blade. But in S13, the archangel blade became helical and gold. So how could a normal angel blade kill an archangel and why would the gang try attacking Lucifer with a normal angel blade then? And how was Michael able to extract his angelic grace using a normal blade?

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