5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Caroline Forbes From The TVD Universe


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Caroline Forbes has been involved in most number of romantic relationships with the male characters on the show. She has been paired/linked with Stefan, Damon, Matt, Klaus, Tyler. The only characters she has not slept with, or had romantic feelings are Alaric Saltzman and Jeremy Gilbert. Caroline comes from one of the founding families of the Mystic Falls, the Forbes. Her mother Elizabeth Forbes served as the Sheriff of Mystic Falls and her father Bill Forbes has tried eradicating vampires. But did you know that in the original script for the very first TVD episode, Caroline’s last name was Truitt whereas her name in the books is Caroline Beula Forbes,


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The finale of Originals saw Klaus and Elijah walking together into the grand adventure of afterlife. Klaus was adamant about sacrificing his life to protect Hope, but Elijah won’t leave his brother side that easily. While the finale episode was bittersweet, it had some good moments. One such moment was the final reunion of Klaus and Caroline, the epic story of Klaroline came to an end. Caroline arrives in New Orleans to bid goodbye to her epic love Klaus, they share a moment, and she walks away. But the finale episode had an entirely different ending for Klaroline, it involved them both on the streets of New Orleans amidst and parade and confetti, and enjoying the art of a street artist. They talk about art and its meaning. The deleted scene is available here.

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The original ending for the Originals involved Elijah dying alone while Klaus is left behind to mourn him. Caroline consoles him as she knows personally what losing someone is. They hold their hands and then plan to travel across the world together. While many fans appraised this ending as Elijah would repent for his actions and would reunite with Hayley in the afterlife, Hope would have at least one parent alive, and Klaus could finally get a Happy ending. Even Julie Plec once confirmed that Klaus and Caroline would end up together and find themselves in the beautiful country of Paris. But what changed the plans?

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The reason Klaroline didn’t become an endgame is because of Stefan. Plec introduced the storyline of Stefan as the romantic interest of Caroline. Plec and Kevin once planned to have Stelena as the endgame in the original ending, but the departure of Nina Dobrev changed the plans. When Nina left the show, her character Elena was involved in a romantic relationship with Damon. While they managed to bring back Elena back from the magical coma, but they didn’t have the time and ways to guide Elena back to Stefan. Therefore Delena would end up together, Stefan ended up sacrificing for everyone. As Stefan was an important person in Caroline’s love, considered to be her epic love. It would be an insult to his memory, had Caroline ended up with Klaus and they travelled the world together. The chemistry of Klaroline is undeniable, but pairing them together in the finale episode would mean dishonouring the memory of Stefan according to Julie Plec.

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