5 Interesting Details About The Originals That You Might Have Missed


5 Interesting Details About The Originals That Might You Have Missed
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Marcel is the last remaining Upgraded Original Vampire in the TVD Universe. One thing that left the fans wondering is what would happen if Marcel turns a human into a vampire? Would the human transform into a normal vampire or would it result in a different sort of vampire? While we might never know what would have happened. But there are a few considerations. Marcel became Upgraded Original after taking the serum which was reverse engineered and used magic. And as know through the Originals, the magic is passed to the sired vampires too.

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As Upgraded Originals have a special venom which came through the werewolf venom of different bloodlines used in the Original spell. This venomous bite is a part of the vampirism. So as Originals turned humans into the vampires who also acquired the abilities & powers of the Originals, but to a weaker extent. Similarly, the sired vampires might carry the venomous bite too. Who knows they might turn out to be a variation of Augustine Vampires, hungry and rabid. But definitely these sired vampires would be far more powerful than the Ordinary vampires who came through Originals. Secondly, the venom is in the blood of Marcel so another possibility is that a bite would kill a human and not turn them into a vampire.


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Hayley Marshall deserved better fate. Numerous fans criticize Season 5 and believe it to be a disservice to the characters of Elijah and Hayley. Now the showrunners and writers have their own reasons to turn Haylijah into a tragic story. But if you watch Originals from the beginning, there are numerous subtle references which hinted towards the fate of Hayley. In 1×10, New Orleans’ Supernatural community decides to honor their fallen friend Father Kieran. Hayley is observing the celebratory party from her balcony as Elijah enters the room. She smiles and says ‘If I died and someone threw a party, I would be so mad’. To which Elijah responds saying ‘You almost did. In a thousand years, I cannot recall a time when I felt so frightened’. This was a foreshadowing to the events that would happen in Season 5.

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In 3×11, Hayley is devastated due to the death of Jackson, she breaks down while talking to Elijah. He comforts her and she utters the words that ‘loving any of us is a death sentence’. Eventually, in 5×06, Hayley meets her demise when she sacrifices herself to save Klaus & Hope while Elijah just stands there with a blank expression. In 5×08, he recovers his memories and when he realizes what had happened, he breaks down, crying in grief. He would hold himself accountable for the death of Hayley and in the end, he chose to sacrifice himself along his brother because there was nothing else left for him. It was his chance of redemption.


In the finale episode of the Originals, Klaus tells Rebekah that he has arranged cure for Rebekah, but she would have to wait for a while to get it. As it has been evidently clear that Rebekah craves a normal human life, she always wanted to have kids. So there are some questions that left the fans wondering. First, since Rebekah is with marcel who is a vampire, how would she conceive kids even after becoming a human? Would she choose surrogacy or start a family with some other human (highly unlikely). This leaves us with the Surrogacy option (and also IVF) once she has become a human again. The second most obvious question is what would happen to her sireline once she is a human again. Well, it depends on the direction the writers will choose. But the most likely outcome is that once she takes the cure. She will become a human which will break her sireline. The Vampires would be alive, but no longer linked to her.

But but there’s another theory that if Rebekah took the cure, it will flow through her sireline and thus curing all the vampires. That’s just a speculation. The Vampires would also become humans and would be alive. However, if the cure is taken out then the person would regress to their real age. We cannot forget Esther’s plan in TVD who wanted to cure vampirism. So her plan involved linking her children to Finn and turning Finn into a human, and killing him. But there’s a counter argument to this, when Klaus became a hybrid, his sired vampires didn’t turn into hybrids.

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