5 Interesting Facts About Season 1 Of The Vampire Diaries

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. On 10 September 2009, Vampire Diaries made its on-screen debut and it kinda changed the landscape of the CW Network forever. It would mark the start of TVD Universe, it would span two spin-off shows that premiered on CW Network and became pretty popular. Vampire Diaries launched the career of numerous newcomers such as Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Steven McQueen, Candice King, Kat Graham, and a lot more who would go on to become big celebrities. The show is based on the novels of LJ Smith. While Kevin Williamson wasn’t much thrilled when the idea for a television series based on books was offered to him, but as he read the books deeply. He understood that there’s much more to the story than a love story similar to Twilight. He decided to focus the show on the small town and the mystery & horror that lies underneath it.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About Season 1 Of The Vampire Diaries


5 Interesting Facts About Season 1 Of The Vampire Diaries
The CW

Everyone is well aware that the show takes its inspiration from the vampire Diaries novels written by LJ smith in the 90s. But did you know the focus of the first season is specifically on the TVD book named ‘The Awakening’ which is the first book in the series and was published in 1991. It introduces us to the beautiful Elena Gilbert who becomes drawn to the mysterious handsome new student named Stefan Salvatore. Through flashbacks, we are introduced to Katherine Von Swartzschild whom both the brothers loved, Katherine is the lookalike of Elena. Whereas the second book in the series is ‘The Struggle’ which revolves around the complicated dynamic between the Salvatores & Elena. Damon has decided to make Elena his and he would destroy anyone who gets in the way. Stefan tries his best to protect Elena from Damon. And Elena is torn between the two brothers, beginning of a love triangle. These storylines are the focus of Season 1 where we can see an antagonistic Damon, flashbacks of Katherine Pierce, and the love story of Stefan & Elena.

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5 Interesting Facts About Season 1 Of The Vampire Diaries
The CW

The show was ordered on 19 May 2009. Its pilot filed in Vancouver, but the shooting was moved to Georgia where the show could take the tax benefits. In 2012, while filming the show, a fire broke out on the set of Mystic Grill, but luckily nobody was harmed. Due to the strong ratings of the first 10-11 episodes, the show was given a full order of 22 episodes on 21 October. The pilot premiere garnered a viewership of 4.9 million views, the number would become 5.7 when one adds the DVR numbers. This made it the biggest of CW Network at that time. The average viewership of Season 1 was 3.6 million views which is the highest for any season of the Vampire Diaries.


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