5 Interesting Facts About Supernatural Finale Episode ‘Carry On’


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Poor Sam Winchester has the worst luck when it comes to romantic relationships in the SPN Universe. Many of his partners became victim to the Supernatural. It started with Jessica, the girl he planned on marrying, but ended up losing. Jessica’s demise forced her back into the world of Supernatural, to be a hunter again. But in the end, Sam managed to settle down, he got married to a woman and has a kid. It is not revealed to us viewers who is the wife of Sam Winchester. When Jared Padalecki was asked about the identity of the woman that his character Sam married, he said that it’s left open for interpretation. Many had hoped that the woman would be none other than Eileen who developed quite some chemistry with Sam.


5 Interesting Facts About Supernatural Finale Episode 'Carry On'

The title of this finale episode is special for every Supernatural fan. Every SPN fan is well aware of the significance of the song ‘Carry On Wayward Son’, an iconic song by Kansas which is the official anthem of Supernatural. It is a song that has played at the beginning of Supernatural finale since Season 2. The first season is the only exception where Carry On wasn’t played in the beginning of finale episode. Interestingly, the final episode ‘Carry On’ also doesn’t play the song in the beginning, but at two different times with two different versions in the episode. Did you know that Kansan released the song ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ in the month on 23 November 1976 as part of the album Leftoverture which became a major hit and Supernatural finale episode was also released in the month of November.

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The major critic about the finale episode is that it didn’t feature more prominent characters who shared a meaningful bond with the Winchesters. The reason was the pandemic which prevented numerous cast members from coming to the set for the shooting. Many fans expressed disappointment that Misha Collins didn’t appear in the final episode considering how important the character of Castiel is. In an interview, it was revealed that the original plan involved plenty of SPN characters reuniting with Dean in the heaven, but the quarantine made it impossible. Even though some actors revealed that they were available, but weren’t approached for an appearance. What do you guys think of the finale episode?

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