5 Interesting Facts About The Cast Of Supernatural That Fans Don’t Know

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural provided a launching pad, a platform for various new comers. The show ran for 15 seasons that aired over a course of 15 years, during which it featured hundreds of actors. While some of them were established stars, some were trying to find a break in the industry. Many actors went on to find major success in the acting and entertainment industry. From the very first time we saw these actors on Supernatural, we became a fan of them, and have followed their careers ever since. While we the actors such as Jensen and Jared would always be Dean and Sam for us, but they have done numerous projects in their illustrious career, and there are plenty of unknown facts related to their lives that many fans aren’t aware of.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Cast Of Supernatural That Fans Don’t Know


5 Interesting Facts About The Cast Of Supernatural That Fans Don’t Know
The CW

The Winchesters in the Supernatural always defied their destinies. They kept fighting right till the very end, their motto was to go down swinging. Jared Padalecki played Sam Winchester who was forced back into the hunting life after losing his loved ones. He is chosen to be the vessel of the archangel Lucifer and start the apocalypse, but he changed his fate through his will and determination. In 2015, Jared revealed his struggles with depression. He launched an initiative titled ‘Always Keep Fighting’ to educate people about the mental illness and offer support to the people struggling with anxiety, self-harm, depression, and various mental illnesses. His Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles also joined him in the initiative. They launched campaigns in which they sold shirts, the money earned from the sells went to the trusts and charities. At the 2015 Comic-con, the fans in attendance surprised Jared by holding candles to represent their love and support for the actor.

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5 Interesting Facts About The Cast Of Supernatural That Fans Don’t Know

Mark Sheppard is the son of the legendary actor Morgan Sheppard who had appeared in over 100 films and has a long career which spanned over 50 years. Through his talent, Mark is able to carve an identity for himself, he’s best known for his role of Crowley in Supernatural. An interesting fact about the actor is that he has been cast with his father on three occasions where they played the same character, but of different ages.

    Show/Film                              Episode                                         Character

  • Doctor Who Episode       The Impossible Astronaut Character  Canton Everett Delaware 3
  • Verne’s Mysterious Island              —————                              Captain Nemo
  • NCIS                                                Broken Bird                                Mr. Pain


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