5 Interesting Facts About The Episodes of Supernatural


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Fans know very well that Supernatural has served as an unlimited source of entertainment for the fans. The show has provided not just moments of thrill, but also moments of surprising heartbreak to the fans. So be prepared to dive deep into the lesser known facts about the Supernatural episodes. From Easter eggs to the real world inspiration behind the episodes of the Supernatural, we are counting down five fascinating and unknown facts about the episodes of CW Supernatural.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Episodes of Supernatural


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The episode ‘Yellow Fever’ will always be remembered for Jensen Ackles’ air guitar performance of ‘Eye of The Tiger’, but did you know it was made possible only due to Jared Padalecki who intentionally missed his cue which involved tapping on the Impala for Jensen to begin the act. After the producer credits in the episode, the extra clip featuring Jensen performing the song has been added with the title of ‘SUPERNATURAL PRESENTS: JENSEN ACKLES’. The extra clip extends beyond the planned cut and it is almost a minute long with Jensen lip-synching to the song with air guitars, and the SPN crew enjoying it in the background. In the episode, Jim Beaver’s character Bobby helps Sam with information and he responds in Japanese when Sam asks if he speaks Japanese. In reality, Jim Beaver is fluent in the Japanese language.

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5 Interesting Facts About The Episodes of Supernatural
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Aimee Garcia portrayed the role of Nancy Fitzgerald in Season 3 episode ‘Jus In Bello’. Her character is a police department employee who is very religious and pious, and believes in the existence of the devil and the Supernatural. What is interesting is that Aimee Garcia would play the role of forensic scientist Ella Lopez in the show Lucifer. Her character of Ellla Lopez is also a devout Christian who would solve crimes along with the devil by her side. Both Supernatural and Lucifer share numerous similarities in terms of its characters and lore.


5 Interesting Facts About The Episodes of Supernatural
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Mystery Spot is among the best episodes of Supernatural. The episode involves Sam Winchester reliving a day over and over again where he experiences the demise of his brother. There are plenty of amazing trivia associated with this episode. Did you know that Jared who played called this episode as one of his least favorites as it was emotionally overwhelming for him and it made him cry several times. Another interesting trivia is that this episode takes inspiration from the X-Files episode titled ‘Monday’ where the character of Agent Mulder meets his demise in a loop, waking up to relive the same day as fresh. The episode was co-written by John Shiban and was directed by Kim Manners. The same people also worked on the ‘Mystery Spot’ where Kim Manners served as the director and John Shiban co-produced the episode.


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