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Did you know that the very first scene of the Supernatural to be filmed is the one where Sam and Dean are doing their research in the library. The pilot episode set the tone of the show, but there are numerous amazing facts related with the very first episode that not a whole lot of fans are aware of. The script of the pilot episode wen through several revisions. Earlier drafts involves the demise of John Winchester, the boys finding their father on the ceiling in the similar fashion as Jessica. Another idea involved Sam suspecting Dean of being a serial-killer. The final scene of the episode involved Sam finding Jessica on the ceiling and fire has engulfed the area, Dean pulls Sam outside of the house. In this scene, actual fire was used. Jensen and Jared were instructed to act, but were strictly told once they felt the hotness of the fire, they must run out of the room. Even the firefighters were ready on the set to extinguish the fire.

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In this episode, Chuck Shurley is revealed to be the Prophet who also writes books under the name of ‘Carver Edlund’, like many of the names used in the Supernatural, this name comes from the names of the executive producer Jeremy Carver & the co-producer Ben Edlund. This isn’t the only nod in the episode. Sam and Dean can be seen eating at a diner named ‘Kripke’s Hollow Diner’ which is a reference to Eric Kripke. This episode has also made references to popular writers such as Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, and directors like M. Shyamalan. In the episode, Chuck says that the only explanation about all of it is that he’s a God which led to him writing about Sam and Dean. Soon after this episode, fan theories began circulating that Chuck is God which eventually became canon in Season 11 when he revealed himself as the God. There’s also a meta reference in the episode as Chuck apologies to the boys for the awful writing of the chapters of ‘Bugs’ and ‘Ghost Ship’. It was a reference to the Supernatural episodes ‘Bugs’ and ‘Red Sky at Morning’ which received terrible response from the fans and were considered to be worst in the show.

So what do you think about these amazing and unknown trivia about Supernatural? Did you find it amusing? Do let us know.

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