5 Interesting Facts About The Originals Reunion Episode On Legacies

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Legacies Season 4 Episode 15 titled ‘Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found’ has finally aired. The episode featured the most awaited Mikaelson Family reunion. Even though several characters such as Freya, Rebekah, have made appearances on Legacies. But the characters were last seen together in the Originals finale episode. The Originals finale saw a bittersweet ending and a promising beginning of the legendary story of the Mikaelson Family. Legacies centers around Hope Mikaelson, but ever before Legacies started airing, fans have been hoping to see their beloved Originals characters in some capacity. Maybe it be a cameo, a flashback, or a recurring role. Lucky for us, the iconic characters from Originals have finally arrived on Legacies.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Originals Reunion Episode On Legacies


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Even though this episode features special appearances from Freya, Rebekah, Kol, and Marcel. But the episode has also made references and mentions to other Original characters such as Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Davina, and Vincent. All of these characters were last seen on the Originals. With the appearance of five different Original characters, this episode holds the record for most cast crossover. The record was earlier held by Originals Episode ‘A Tale of Two Wolves’ which featured Caroline Forbes, Alaric Saltzman, Josie, and Lizzie.


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Legacies takes place right after the Originals. In the final season of the Originals, we learn that Hope has enrolled in the Salvatore School for the Young & Gifted. Hayley was the guardian of Hope until she met her demise. With Elijah and Klaus also bidding goodbye. It felt like Hope would be left alone as an Orphan, but we were told how the Mikaelson Family will always be there for each other. Even Elijah assured Klaus that Hope has Rebekah, Freya, Marcel, and even Kol. But none of these Mikaelsons showed up to see how their beloved Hope is doing. It doesn’t make sense, right?

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After all, almost everyone put their life on the line at some point to save Hope. In the episode, we are told that the family spent almost 3 years searching for the ashes of Klaus Mikaelson. The family used magic to locate the ashes of the Original Hybrid. And now they have returned to help find the perfect resting place for the ashes. This is the reason why they were away and couldn’t be around Hope. So let’s get this straight, the Mikaelson Family was away from Hope for years searching for the ashes of her dead father Klaus and now they return, asking her to help them in spreading the ashes. This does sound quite crazy, right?


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