5 Interesting Supernatural Details That You Never Noticed

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the show Supernatural concluded with Season 15 in 2020, but the show still remains popular. Supernatural fandom is arguably the most passionate and creative fan community in the world. The fans are pretty expressive and passionate about the show. There are forums such as tumblr, Reddit, which is filled with plenty of Supernatural content from fan fiction stories, memes, episode discussions to the secret and hidden details. We have compiled a list of such interesting hidden details and secrets that are pointed by the Redditors that make a whole lot of sense.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Supernatural Details That You Never Noticed



A dying Dean asks Sam to stay with him. Sam is devastated and talks about finding a way to save Dean. But Dean asks him to stay beside him, he wants to tell a few things to his brother. He tells Sam that he is proud of what he has become, he has always looked up to him. Sam is in tears, he utters the words ‘I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE’, to which Dean responds saying ‘YES, YOU CAN’.

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This is a callback to their first meet after several years in the Pilot episode. Dean visits Sam and seeks out his help. And Dean tells Sam that their father has gone missing after he went on a hunting trip. Dean believes Dad is in a trouble. He asks for his brother’s help and says ‘I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE’ to which Sam responds saying ‘YES, YOU CAN’.  It really came full circle, notice how the dialogues are reversed indicating the transformation they both have experienced and the journey they have been through.

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Castiel made his debut in Season 4. He was the one who gripped Dean tight and raised him from the perdition. So when Dean was rescued from hell by Castiel, the touch of Castiel left a huge scar on the shoulder of Dean. The handprint scar resulted from Castiel’s hand burning the skin of Dean. While the scar was shown in a couple of episode since the even happened, but eventually it was gone. The theory is that Castiel healed Dean at the end of Swan Song, resulting in all his scars being gone.

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But there’s a callback to this moment in the Season 15 Episode 18 ‘Despair’. In the episode, Castiel confesses his feelings for Dean and lets him know how his interactions and experiences with Dean changed him. Castiel made a deal with the Empty which said that Empty will be able to take Castiel once the angel is happy. So in the episode Despair, after experiencing his feelings, Castiel experiences happiness which results in the arrival of the Empty as a black tendril arrives to claim Castiel. Castiel pushes Dean far aside to protect him from the Empty, but in doing so, he leaves a handprint on the jacket of Dean which resembles the handprint from the episode ‘Lazarus Rising’.



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