5 Interesting Things About Bonnie Bennett That You Should Know About


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Bonnie is a friend that everyone could trust. Caroline envied Elena, but was able to communicate to Bonnie. After Caroline turned into a vampire, Bonnie was able to put her hate for vampires aside, and support vampire. When Bonnie lost Sheila which was indirectly caused due to the Salvatores, Bonnie was able to maintain her friendship with Elena. Even when the humanity less Elena attacked Bonnie and nearly ended her, Bon Bon was able to move past it. Matt considers Bonnie a true friend, he revealed that he could trust his life with her. Both of them managed their friendship throughout the series. Bonnie and Damon had an antagonistic relationship at first, but they became best friends and moved past their differences during their time in Prison World. When Stefan became the reason for Enzo’s demise, Bonnie used the Cure to turn Stefan into a human, and was slowly able to let go of her hatred.

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Can anyone imagine the pain of a death? Imagine, Bonnie had to experience, feel the sensation of every supernatural being death. After she endured the pursuit of Kai in the Prison World, she returned from the Prison World, but kept suffering from PTSD. She tried putting herself first over others. But still, her friends kept dragging her back. While nearly every TVD character died at some point, but why did Bonnie was the one who conveniently died numerous times? Nearly every character enjoyed a healthy relationship on the show. But Bonnie had the tough luck. When she was paired with Jeremy, it seemed like this could be the endgame, but she got betrayed when Jeremy stayed in contact with Anna. Finally, she ended up with Enzo who was also taken away from her.


The CW
  • Bonnie dislikes pancakes, but during her time with Damon Salvatore in the Prison World, she would eat pancakes everyday with Damon.
  • The TV show character of Bonnie Bennett is based on Bonnie McCullough, but both characters are pretty different. The Bonnie in the books has red curly hair, fair complexion, and Scottish heritage whereas Bonnie in the show is African American with green eyes.
  • Did you know Bonnie Bennett indirectly became the reason for the demise of Stefan and Katherine when she destroyed the hellfire.
  • Bonnie Bennett has met her demise more than any other witch on the TVD.
  • Throughout the TVD, Bonnie started off as a human, but she discovered about her magical heritage, coming from the bloodline of a powerful witch. Along with being a witch and psychic, Bonnie became a ghost after her demise. She was turned into an Anchor when every spirit passed through her. In Season 7, she became a huntress when Rayna Cruz gave her powers to Bonnie.
  • In the books, Bonnie shared a romantic relationship with Damon whereas they are best friends in the books. Also, she dated Jeremy and Enzo on the show.
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