5 Interesting Things About Destiel That SPN Fans Might Not Know


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While in Season 15, when Castiel confessed his love, Dean was left stunned, he didn’t reciprocate the same. As we know for fact that Dean Winchester is 100% straight. But he does care and love Castiel in his own unique way. But did you know in Season 8 episode titled ‘Goodbye Stranger’, the character of Dean was supposed to say the line ‘I LOVE YOU’ to Castiel. However, the line was removed because it felt out of character. Imagine what a Destiel moment it must have been. In the episode, Castiel was remote controlled by Naomi who instructs her to kill Dean. He beats up Dean, but Dean refuses to fight back or give in. Due to repeated pleas of Dean, he is able to break free of the control.


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The term Destiel has become so famous that popular slang and dictionary websites such as ‘Urban Dictionary’ and ‘Dictionary-com’ have listed the definitions for the word ‘Destiel’. Not only that, the actor Misha Collins who played Castiel partnered with a celebrity jeweler to make custom necklaces for the Destiel ship which were then made available for public sale following the release of the episode ‘Despair’. There are a variety of merchandises available for this popular ship.


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The writers, creators, and actors, all have been aware about the ship. The fans have written numerous fan fiction stories involving these two characters and made their ship a popular unofficial phenomenon among the Supernatural fans. The Season 10 episode titled ‘Fan Fiction’ contains numerous references to the popular fandom pairings especially the Destiel ship. There is also a scene where Dean breaks the fourth wall. He stares directly after he witnesses the Destiel conversation. He expresses his annoyance at the popular fan favorite pairing.

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The cast of SPN has acknowledged the ship during numerous fan conventions. An interesting fact is that the Spanish Dub of the show changed the line of Dean’s response to Castiel’s confession in S15 episode to ‘And I you, Cas’. The original line was ‘Don’t do this, Cas’.

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