5 Interesting Things About The Supporting Characters Of Vampire Diaries


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There’s a foreshadowing pretty early in Season 1 that Tyler Lockwood could very well be a werewolf. Even though the werewolves would make their appearance in Season 2. It was the same season where we learn that Tyler’s family carried the gene. But as pointed by a Redditor, in Season 1 Episode 10 ‘The Turning Point’, we see Tyler clashing with Jeremy who is surprised with his behavior and asked him what’s his problem? During this scene, we can see a full moon up in the sky in the backdrop which clearly hints towards his future inevitable werewolf fate. With the demise of Tyler Lockwood, the Apisi Werewolf bloodline is also extinct as he was the last remaining member and had no children.


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While Kai proved to be a dangerous villain who defeated the Mystic Falls Gang with the sleeping curse on Elena in Season 6 finale. What makes him such a popular character is his humorous personality along with charisma. The character of Kai is pretty similar to Klaus as both of them were hated by their father who abandoned them because of their nature. Both of them are unique and distinct from the rest of their siblings. Klaus being a hybrid whereas Kai was born a Siphoner. Both of them have harmed their siblings in a way. And both required the help of a Mystic Falls female member to free themselves from the captivity or a curse.


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Alaric Saltzman is one of the few characters who has appeared in all three shows set in the TVD Universe. The show took the liberty of making several changes to his character. Such as in the books, he didn’t had any relationship to the aunt of Elena whereas he had a relationship in the show. Also, in the show he’s a college professor who becomes obsessed with the Vampires and eventually becomes a vampire hunter, but in the books, he was never a vampire hunter. Alaric holds the amazing record of dying the most number of times on the Vampire Diaries. His character died a total number of eight times on the show which is the most. However, he was somehow able to return back to the life. The actor who played Alaric, Matt Davis had several disagreements over his character, and Julie too wanted to kill Alaric because there was nothing more him. But they eventually worked things out, and Alaric’s character was brought back.

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