5 Mistakes The Writers Of The Originals Made


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A major highlight of Season 3 was the Upgraded Original AKA Beast. A serum that could transform an ordinary vampire into an Upgraded Original. First Lucien became the beast and caused the deaths of Finn & Cami. Then Marcel took the serum and caused the fall of the Mikaelsons, ran them out of the city, and kept Klaus in his captivity for 5 years. Now it was the venom of an Upgraded Original which is made up of the concentrated venom compounded from seven werewolf bloodlines, and it could kill an Original. But this doesn’t make much sense. The very reason why the idea of Originals came into inception was so that Esther could protect her children from the werewolf venom. So an Original dying of the werewolf venom kind of contradicts the very reason of their existence. Also, since the venom shouldn’t kill a werewolf, therefore Klaus must be immune to it. Now why is it dangerous for an Original?


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In Season 2, Klaus and Hayley reunite with Hope along with the other members of the family. They do their bonfire tradition which involves writing their wish on a paper and then burning it. The family shares a great time together and they take a picture together to immortalize the memory. But they cannot keep the picture as nobody can know that Hope Mikaelson is alive so they burn the picture. However, in Season 5 the burned picture somehow shows up framed and located in the Hope’s nightstand. There was so explanation at all. How was the picture reconstructed? Was it magic? Or did they secretly kept a copy of the picture? What do you guys think?


The CW

We were told that the Hollow AKA Inadu is extremely powerful that even her spirit could survive after death. This is why they split her spirit in pieces to keep the power in check. But suddenly Klaus’ body was strong enough to contain her to permanently destroy her. Also, how was Klaus able to kill Hollow? Since, we were told only a person of the Lebonair bloodline could destroy the spirit. This leaves us with Hayley and Hope, and this would explain why Hollow went after them. But suddenly, in the finale episode, Klaus is able to put an end to Hollow.

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