5 Mistakes The Writers Of The Originals Made

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Writing is by no means easy, whether it’s writing a blog, a book, or script for a TV program. The process requires plenty of effort and focus. When it comes to a television show, a writer is always on his toes. Producing an Original script weekly for an episode is an extremely challenging job. Therefore it’s no surprise that often times writers and show runners end up with inconsistencies, plot holes, and mistakes. Originals is no exception. Despite providing the fans with refreshing and entertaining storylines, the writers did make some mistakes. While majority of such mistakes go unnoticed, but there are some which were observed by the fans.

So Take A Look At 5 Mistakes The Writers Of The Originals Made


The CW

In Vampire Diaries, when Klaus and Hayley end up conceiving Hope, Klaus notices the birthmark on Hayley’s shoulder which shows that she is a part of the Crescent tribe. In Season 4, we see Hope and Hayley in bed where the Crescent mark is easily visible on their shoulders. Fast forward to final season. After absorbing the Hollow’s dark spirit, it’s corrupting Hope slowly and slowly. There’s a scene where the dark lines are visible on the back of Hope, they are because of the dark magic which is consuming her. But the Crescent mark is nowhere to be seen. The make-up department surely did a blunder there. Or maybe the writers forgot to add the tiny detail in the scene.

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5 Mistakes The Writers Of The Originals Made
The CW

The White Oak is one thing that could completely eradicate an Original from existence. So it’s no surprise that the Originals are pretty paranoid when it comes to a White Oak Stake. Even though the White Oak has been said to be erased from the earth in every Originals season, but it somehow pops up in the next season. In Season 3, we were told that the last remaining White Oak in the form of the Wooden Knight that Klaus made for Rebekah has gone missing. Aurora used it to carve into a bullet with which she wounded Elijah. But in the final season, we learn that Klaus has kept a completely intact White Oak Stake that he plans to use for himself. It doesn’t make sense, what if Klaus’ enemies somehow got a hold of it and came after his family? Also, where was this indestructible White Oak Stake whe Freya & Vincent were performing spells to locate it.


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