5 Reasons Why TVD & Originals Fans Should Love LEGACIES!

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The opinions of the fans have been mixed when it comes to Legacies. Some are critical of the show and believe that it was a letdown when compared to its predecessors. Some fans state that the show lacked in the departments of story-telling and characters, and it couldn’t captivate the viewers as TVD & Originals did. But there are many who are very accepting of the light-hearted and comical tone of the Legacies. It’s unique and pretty different from its predecessors, and now it is coming to an end. The end of Legacies will mark the end of an era. The era of TVD which introduced us to special characters, relationships, storylines, and moments. Legacies concluded the TVD Universe in the most perfect way possible. It’s has been one glorious and as a TVD Universe Fan, we should be thankful to Legacies for numerous reasons.

So Take A Look At 5 Reasons Why TVD & Originals Fans Should Love LEGACIES!


5 Reasons Why TVD & Originals Fans Should Love LEGACIES!
The CW

Originals Season 5 served as a backdoor pilot to the Legacies. Many Originals fans expressed frustration that Julie Plec shifted her focus to Legacies instead of putting more effort in the Originals. However, Legacies has been a very fair spin-off. Even though it’s contrasting to the Originals, but it progresses the story further. Since its inception, fans have been wishing to see the cast of Originals on Legacies. First aunt Freya appeared and reunited with her niece. Then it was time for Rebekah to deal with Hope who has turned off her humanity and put some sense into her. But fans were hoping when we will see the rest of the family. The wish came true in the episode ‘Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found’ which featured the Mikaelson Family. We got to see Marcel, Kol, Freya, and Rebekah. All of them sharing a moment with Hope and guiding her on to the right path.


The CW

Legacies is also set in the same Universe as the Originals did. It’s the second spin-off of the Vampire Diaries which is set in the Mystic Falls and revolves mainly around Hope Mikaelson. In a way, Legacies got the best of both shows. If you are mainly a fan of the Vampire Diaries then Legacies is like a love letter to TVD. It features numerous callbacks, references, nods, and tributes to the TVD. Numerous TVD characters such as Kai Parker, Josette Laughlin, Matt Donovan, Jeremy Gilbert, Caroline Forbes has appeared or made their presence felt in some capacity. Alaric Saltzman appears as a regular main cast member along with Lizzie and Josie who were born in Season 7 of TVD. There are several moments and episodes which featured special mentions such as ‘Salvatore Musical’, ‘Hope Wearing Caroline’s Dress’, ‘The What-if World’ mentioning Klaus & Caroline, and the referencing of Damon & Elena would fill the heart of every TVD fan with immeaurable joy.


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