5 Strange Things That Have Happened Since Originals Ended

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Originals premiered in 2013 and it concluded in 2018 after five seasons. Many of the fans expressed their surprise at the premature ending of the Originals. Lack of new and refreshing storylines along with declining ratings were cited as the main reasons behind the ending of the Originals. Julie Plec and team shifted their focus to ‘Legacies’, a spin-off of the Originals. By the fifth season of the Originals, it became evident that the spin-off would be the next chapter in the great TVD saga. It’s been four years since Originals ended, Legacies is currently airing its fourth season which will also be its last. Numerous things have happened since the conclusion of the Originals, some of which have raised questions in the minds of the fans.

So Take A Look At 5 Strange Things That Have Happened Since Originals Ended


5 Strange Things That Have Happened Since Originals Ended
The CW

Klaus Mikaelson died in order to eliminate Hollow once and for all, He made the decision to absorb all the black magic of Hollow inside him and then end himself with the White Oak Stake. His brother Elijah couldn’t let him go so he joined him. They both staked each other, dying with love in their hearts for each other and for their family. In the TVD Universe, it is believed that when one dies with love in their heart, they can easily find peace despite committing numerous wrongs in their life. So it is believed that both Elijah and Klaus found peace after their demise, but turns out Klaus didn’t find peace. In Legacies episode ‘Death Keeps Knocking On My Door’, the Necromancer revealed that Klaus won’t find peace until Hope is at peace. Klaus will always keep watching over Hope.

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5 Strange Things That Have Happened Since Originals Ended
The CW

Legacies Season 4 Episode 15 is special for numerous reasons. It featured the much awaited reunion of the cast of the Originals which was last seen in the Originals Season 5 finale episode. The episode featured appearances from Marcel, Rebekah, Freya, and Kol who try helping Hope who has not been her usual self with everything ever since she turned off her humanity. Hope has been astrally transferred to the city of New Orleans to attend the funeral of her father. Hope is surprised because her father passed away three years ago, why is the funeral being held so late? Rebekah explains that when Elijah and Klaus staked each other, they turned to ashes which were scattered in the sky, carried far away by the wind. It took the Mikaelson three years to collect the dispersed ashes of the Klaus. They used Freya’s magic in order to accomplish this task. The family is clueless about where to spread the ashes of Klaus. Hope says that the right place for him to be with her. Kol agrees and says that is how it will be.


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