5 Things To Know About TVD Universe Creator Julie Plec


5 Things To Know About TVD Universe Creator Julie Plec
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Vampire Diaries is her creation, it’s her baby! It’s like asking a mother what is her favorite thing about her child. But Plec has some favorite episodes that just stand out for different reasons. In an interview with EW, the TVD co-creator Plec revealed how it was the episode ‘Friday Night Bites’ where she and Kevin realized that TVD is going to work. Talking about her favorite episodes, she revealed ‘The Reckoning’ of Season 3 is one of her best works. The second on her list is ‘The Departed’ which served as the finale of Season 3. Season 2 episode ‘Katerina’ is also among her favorite episodes, the moment where Damon comforts a dying Rose is among her all-time favorite moments.


5 Things To Know About TVD Universe Creator Julie Plec
The CW

Klaroline is one of the most talked about and popular ships in not just the TVD Universe but in the history of television. The chemistry between Klaus and Caroline was off the charts. There are all the elements that make this love story an epic one. However, unfortunately, these two couldn’t end up together. Right from their first bonding moment, fans were hoping that Klaroline would be the endgame. However, there are several reasons why didn’t happen. One major reason is that Caroline became Stefan’s love interest and they ended up getting married. Stefan sacrificed himself to save everyone. So if Caroline was romantically paired with someone else after these events then it would have been a huge disservice to Stefan and the storylines that preceded.

Julie Plec revealed that Candice Accola had tremendous chemistry with nearly everybody. When the writers wrote the scene where Klaus goes to heal Caroline at his house. The writers didn’t realize they are starting something bigger. That moment marked the beginning of Klaroline. Plec also considers this moment as her favorite Klaroline moment. It made us all believe that these two can be together. Julie Plec in an interview said that the relationship between Klaus & Caroline couldn’t possibly happen today, it wouldn’t make its way out of the writer’s room in today’s atmosphere because is ‘toxic’. (Read More Here)


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The role of Julie Plec has been very significant whether it’s the casting process for the show, or it’s regarding the storylines. There’s plenty of TVD trivia relate to Julie Plec.

  • Did you know it was around season 4 of the Originals when TVD was focused on the Armory storyline, Plec thought about how it could make a boarding school? Julie also had this idea of turning Alaric into a wise Dumbledore.
  • Did you know Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson didn’t intend to make Damon a hero. But when the fans began rooting for the character. They were surprised at the response as Plec commented saying ‘we have created the model couple for toxic masculinity’. It was the fans’ response that eventually played a significant role in the changing the direction of Damon’s character.
  • Did you know Matthew Davis who played the role of Alaric Saltzman, father figure to Elena Gilbert, has a fan fiction where the characters of Elena and Alaric are together. When Plec was asked about this fan fiction, she responded saying that it is highly inappropriate and totally unacceptable.

Even though the actors have been cast on the basis of their merits and talents. But the creators could have chose their favorite for a certain role. David Gallagher nearly played the role of Klaus. But Plec and others were convinced with the ability and understanding of Joseph Morgan who had read LJ Smith’s novels. Similarly, Plec is an immense fan of Pedro Pascal who was so close to playing Marcel Gerard, but again Plec and others felt Charles Michael Davis was just made for that particular role.

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