5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Castiel

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. In Season 3 finale, Dean was dragged to hell due to his deal with the crossroad demon of resurrecting his brother Sam Winchester in exchange for his soul. The wretched hellhounds dragged him to the underground where he was tormented for forty years where the demon Alastair managed to break him. So the moment when Dean turned away from the goodness, the first seal of Lucifer’s cage was broken. However, at the instructions of God, an angel named Castiel rescued Dean by gripping him tight and raising him from the perdition. The premiere episode of Season 4 marks the debut of the Castiel who would then go to become a part of the Winchester Family, fighting numerous battles alongside them.

So Take A Look At 5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Castiel


5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Castiel
The CW

While every fan is well aware of Castiel’s heroic effort of raising Dean from the Perdition. But many fans easily forget that Dean isn’t the only Winchester whom Castiel rescued. Castiel has also raised Sam from the Perdition. It was him who rescued Sam after he was trapped in the hell’s cage with Lucifer & Michael. However, Castiel failed to retrieve the soul of Sam, bringing back him on earth without a vessel. It’s pretty obvious and well known that the bond between Castiel & Dean is much more profound than the one between Castiel & Sam. However, both Cas and Sam share a good working relationship, they are great friends, and share a well admiration for each other. It was Castiel who worked with Sam behind Dean’s back in order to remove the Mark of Cain.

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5 Things You Should Know About Dean And Castiel
The CW

For years, ever since Castiel appeared on the screen, his chemistry with Dean attracted the attention of every fan. Fans being pretty creative started writing fan fiction pairing these two characters. Their pairing ship became famously known as Destiel. Even the show has acknowledged ‘Destiel’ by making several references and nods to it. Finally, in Season 12, Castiel expresses his feelings for Dean by giving a heartfelt speech about how his interaction with Dean has changed him. He confessed his love for Dean. While Dean was unable to process what’s going on, he stood there blank, and witnessed Castiel sacrificing himself. While many fans saw this as an ultimate Destiel moment. But in reality, one must know when one talks about love, it isn’t necessarily always romantic love. There are many forms of love. There’s ‘Agape’, love for all fellow beings and then there’s ‘Philia’ which means love for friends. So Castiel’s confession doesn’t have to imply that he romantically loves Dean. It could be an expression of brotherhood, friendship, or companionship. While the actor Misha Collins has his take on the lines said by Castiel. But the show never directly implied that it’s a romantic expression of love.


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